Patricia Morgan, Rhode Island Legislator Who Funded Anti-CRT Bill, Lamented That Blacks No Longer Like Her

Rhode Island Representative Patricia Morgan set Twitter on fire on Tuesday when she released a bizarre post claiming she had recently lost a black friend conservative obsession: important racial theory.

inside tweet, the Republican lawmaker complained that her friend had become “hostile and nasty” to her – simply because she was a white woman.

“Is that what our teachers and political leaders really want for our society? Divide us because of the color of our skin? #CRT,” wrote Morgan.

Morgan’s post was immediately flooded with responses, with thousands of people agreeing with her tone.

“Oof…. the fact that you think this tweet is okay shows how much you have to learn. Maybe she’s too exhausted to be your teacher,” said one Twitter user posted. “Not the CRT… but you. If you had access to a CRT, you probably wouldn’t alienate your friend.”

“CRT is about learning the actual history and why people have an advantage when it comes to white skin,” someone else wrote. “None of my friends asked me to hate myself. That is not the problem. They want me to be aware/learn and do what I can to help. ”

In an interview with The Daily Beast, Morgan declined to name the close friend, but said they were once close until the friend stopped answering her calls and texts.

Morgan said: ‘I’m very sad that she no longer feels like a friend to me. “I know that she has become a real proponent of racial identity politics. And I’m pretty sure that’s the reason behind it. I’m sad that our country is going down that path. I think that’s bad for our country.”

In March, Morgan co-sponsored a bill in Rhode Island that would have banned teaching more than just Critical race theory in public schools. Bill, RI H6070, which was not passed in June but is meant to prohibit “teaching divisive concepts” as well as requiring “any contract, grant, or training entered into by a state or city that includes the provision prohibits divisive concepts and prohibits making individuals feel distressed because of their race or gender. ”

Morgan credits her support of the bill and banning the critical race theory as what cost her friendships. Despite the quirky words in her tweet, she insists she has more than one Black friend.

“We fought these battles against discrimination and against segregation [for] Martin Luther King’s goal is that we judge people by the content of the character, not the color of their skin,” Morgan told The Daily Beast. “[Critical race theory] shut down conversations about other reasons for disparities and other ways we can change those disparities.”

Morgan alleges — while offering little evidence — that the theory of critical race was taught to students in public schools in her area, a conservative claim that has been repeatedly made.

“The teachers reported to me. I’ve seen it in textbooks and some reading material in use,” she said, without providing the name of the textbooks or their publisher.

“[Critical race theory] is where you really want to be at the center of the race in every conversation, every topic, and every textbook,” asserts Morgan. “Going around and talking about race doesn’t help a child learn to change.”

Racism theory is actually an advanced academic framework – developed in law schools in the 1980s – to examine racism in US educational institutions.

But without evidence, Morgan blamed the critical race theory on a range of educational problems, from failing to prepare children for life after high school to poor scores on tests. statewide. She pointed to an unnamed group of children who were unable to make changes or take orders while working at the cashier at a part-time job — and made a theoretical mistake about critical race. important.

The former teacher also wowed educators by sharing stories of less popular Black leaders in lessons, emphasizing, “There’s only so much time in the day to teach history.” .

She references Frederick Douglass and Harriet Beecher Stowe — White the woman wrote Uncle Tom’s Tent—The “born leaders” that students should learn from.

“And who created the Underground Railroad?” She asked at one point, referring to Harriet Tubman, who didn’t actually create the Underground Railroad.

As for her black friend, Morgan said she was heartbroken to lose a friend because of “racial identity politics” and vowed to continue contacting her.

“I pretty much know that she’s black, but that doesn’t matter because I like her. I still like her,” she said. Patricia Morgan, Rhode Island Legislator Who Funded Anti-CRT Bill, Lamented That Blacks No Longer Like Her


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