Passive Minecraft mobs that need a makeover

If players load in a Minecraft World they encounter a variety of mobs. Passive mobs are known as creatures that don’t grab the player even if they take damage from the player. This differentiates them from neutral mobs, which start out passive but can become aggressive if injured.

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The game has many iconic passive mobs that have existed over the years, but some of them are long overdue for some sort of overhaul Minecraft. Others are perfectly fine as is, but have the potential to be even better if Mojang overhauled them.


7 pigs

Pigs differ from sheep, cows, and chickens when it comes to livestock that players can raise for food. First, they are more expensive to farm as players must first find carrots or beets to farm them, both of which are naturally difficult to find if the player cannot find a village.

Second, pigs are the only animals that don’t drop utility items. Sheep provide wool, chickens give feathers, and cows drop leather. However, pigs have no use whatsoever, other than being able to act as mounts with a saddle and a carrot on a stick. However, given the existence of horses, riding a pig is somewhat redundant.

With all of this in mind, maybe pigs should start dropping a new item that makes them a better mob for the farm early on for the sake of utility.

6 Rabbits

Rabbits are another type of mob that is extremely unrewarding for the farm. Granted, rabbits will at least drop a rabbit skin that can be made into leather, and on rare occasions they’ll also drop a rabbit paw, which is used to brew potions. Also, rabbit meat can be cooked as an emergency food in a pinch, but it is not the best food Minecraft.

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On the other hand, rabbits are easily tempted with dandelions, but what’s the point of breeding them? Their loot drops are so niche that most of the time players just breed them to get the achievement that makes them breed every animal in the game.

Rabbits need some kind of buff that will make them a viable choice again. Maybe they could passively drop some wool for the player.

5 parrots

Parrots are a colorful addition to the jungle biomes of Minecraft, and they are easily tempted with regular seeds. Other than that, parrots aren’t really of much use. One could argue that they act as an early warning system as they start imitating nearby enemies making noises, but this could also just accidentally freak the player out. Thankfully, thanks to recent changes from Mojang, this should be a less frequent occurrence.

Parrots can sit on the player’s shoulder, which is a cool visual feature, as well as dance to jukebox music and change color, but otherwise they’re a bit lackluster. Considering that parrots can fly they might have some additional features that make them special and useful for the player, maybe something similar to the Allays where they can track objects.

4 fishes

Currently in the game there are four types of fish that appear in the player’s inventory: cod, salmon, puffer and tropical fish. The latter, in particular, needs a small rework as it has limited uses as food. The saddest thing about tropical fish is that there are several different species in the water, but once in inventory they all look the same.

Perhaps Mojang could give tropical fish a little boost by distinguishing some species that are already found underwater. Depending on which fish the player catches, he can use it to brew a special potion. The game could use some new potion recipes, but on the other hand, it could add even more complexity to the already great brewing system. Still, it’s a cool concept to consider for a possible revamp.

3 Octopus

The good old squid is in there Minecraft for ages, and in the community it has always been seen as some sort of dumb mob, often accidentally killing themselves by swimming to the wrong spot. It’s all a bit sad, which is why the octopus is in dire need of an overhaul to restore its shine.

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The octopus already has quite a good use as it is the main source of black dye thanks to its ink sacs. The glowing squid variant is also a cool addition to the game to add some extra spice to squid in general. However, the biggest improvement would be the ability to farm and breed squid and actually kill them for food.

the food inside Minecraft could use a bit more seafood variety, and since the squid is such an easy mob, this is the perfect opportunity to give it a better role in the game.

2 turtles

Turtles are a pretty big mob as they are. In fact, their mechanics are brilliant and don’t really need to be changed. Breeding them and building a turtle farm is a unique experience thanks to the turtle eggs and home beach mechanics built into the game. Aside from that, turtles fall into a trap that many mobs fall into Minecraft. Their by-product is such a niche that it doesn’t matter if players breed turtles or not.

Shields dropped by baby turtles can be used to craft a turtle shell that can be used as a helmet. It’s not a very good helm compared to other helms in the game, although it also serves as the brewing ingredient for a very niche potion called the Potion of the Turtle Master. This potion slows down players significantly, but gives them high damage resistance.

Turtles could get some sort of added benefit. As long as diamonds and netherites are a trait in the game, the turtle shell probably isn’t useful, so turtles need to drop something extra, e.g. B. a type of food or even another ingredient for making potions.

1 snow golems

This bizarre mob can be spawned by the player by placing two snow blocks on top of each other and a carved pumpkin head on top. The Snow Golem has no purpose in life other than to move and leave a trail of snow, although some resourceful players have farmed snow with it.

The Snow Golem will also attack certain enemies in the game, but given its weakness, it’s not exactly a great security system compared to the powerful Iron Golem. Snow Golems either need to be buffed or given a new utility that makes them farmable or necessary for players. Just as they make snow, maybe they could make ice too, since ice has even more uses than snow.

Minecraft is available on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch, Android, iOS and many other platforms.

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