Parents looking to replace school boards as ‘alternative’

Parents in America’s drive to evil continues this week after a Virginia liberal politician decided the naming was a good response to parents concerned about education. their children.

Juli Briskman, who used to give the middle finger to the motorcade of former President Donald Trump and split that into a successful campaign for the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors, which attempted to label parents who were fighting the Loudon County School Board as extremists.

Parent group Fight for Schools recently announced that they have enough signatures to file a revocation request for removal from board members who the group believes have betrayed children by stuffing critical racial theories down children’s throats, Fox News reported.

That prompted Briskman to tweet in support of anti-parentalists.

“TY @oudoun4all for factual and thorough research on the right FFS petitions. If they want to fight for schools, they should be advocating for higher teacher salaries, more mental health resources and ending schools into the prison pipeline,” she tweeted.


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Merriam-Webster defines “alt-right” as “a predominantly right-wing online political movement or group based in the United States whose members reject mainstream conservative politics, espousing policies and beliefs extremists often focus on ideas of white nationalism.”

Parents don’t appreciate being lumped together because extremists are seen as the equivalent of white nationalists, fox.

Will the left continue to throw these parents in the trash?

“As a Jewish American, I am completely outraged,” said Elicia Brand, a mother in Loudoun County who supports the group. “I take that as a personal insult.”

“I know a lot of people in Fight for Schools, and none of them are far right, not one of them far right, not one of them is racist,” she continued. “[Briskman] is putting her political ideology and political agenda before the needs of Loudoun County citizens, and she owes each of us an apology. ”

Brand said parents are fighting for their children, not politics.

She added: “Calling us kindness is a punch to the gut, a knife to the heart for all parents fighting for their children.

One black supporter of the group found hilarity in the label.


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Joe Mobley, a father of four Fight for Schools supporters, said: “Obviously a black guy, it’s weird to be called a white nationalist.

“Instead of calling us names, meet us and chat,” he said.

According to Mobley, Briskman is trying to distract attention from the liberal theory that “parents shouldn’t talk about what goes on in the classroom because your child belongs to the state.”

Ian Prior, executive director of Fight for Schools, said “Briskman’s false and defamatory claims are an attack on a diverse coalition of thousands of Loudoun County residents who are using due process. to remove school board members who have violated the law and their own. behavior rules. ”

“The best thing Ms. Briskman can do, as an elected official, is to publicly retract her statement and stop and infrequently attack her voters on social media.” he said. “But we’re not holding our breath.”

Fight for Schools filed the recall documents against school board president Brenda Sheridan in Loudoun County Court on Tuesday, according to washington articles.

The filing said Sheridan violated open assembly laws by using closed Facebook groups as a way to discuss school business without the public’s knowledge. Sheridan is also accused of violating First Amendment rights of parents by restricting public comment at meetings.

Furthermore, the board president allegedly mishandled a sexual assault case in a school in which a student allegedly assaulted was transferred from one school to another, where he was accused. about another sexual assault.

Parents indicate they have petitions with enough signatures to force revocation other board members who sided with Sheridan against his parents. | Parents looking to replace school boards as ‘alternative’

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