Palantir, What are the Seven Visible Stones?

Called the Seven Visible Stones, Palantiri makes numerous appearances in a number of Tolkien’s written works, including Lord of the Rings trilogy of works, Unfinished stories, and Silmarillion. Many fans of the franchise will especially recognize the name from chapter 11 of Two towers, the second book of the trilogy. But what exactly are these stones, and where are they seen in the movie adaptations?

There are all sorts of things that exist in Middle-earth that contain mysterious and unusual powers, from goblin’s secret food to the scepters of magical wizards, from refined swords that hold lineage and power, of course, to enchanted rings. Palantiri, although technically not part of Middle-earth, does fall into this category. They are a kind of crystal ball, showing the user a vision of time and space, if the viewer wants to associate them. They also aid telepathy and allow the user to communicate with other balls throughout the realm. They were originally brought to Middle-earth by Aragorn’s ancestors, the Numenorians, to send messages between the kingdoms about their vast settlements.


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Although some of the stones have been lost over time, some known locations on the list include Weathertop, where Frodo was stabbed by a morgul blade before being transported to Rivendell by Bill The Pony, Minas Tirith, garrison of Gondor just across the River Anduin, home to two large statues of past kings known as guardian of Argonath, and in Isengard.

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However, the unique gifts of the stones, like the rings, also come with their own perils. In Silmarillion, We know that the evil lord Sauron can take over one of the sighted stones. With his great will and unstoppable ability to achieve supremacy over all of Middle-earth, he is quickly able to corrupt the stone, and thus all the other stones it possesses. Related to. That’s how the first stone that appeared in the movie adaptation came into play: Through Saruman.

In The fellowship of the ring, Gandalf the Gray visits his friend in Isengard, on the edge of the Fangorn Forest, in search of advice, and when he is brought up the tower, he is shown one of the crystal balls. As he hastily covered it, fearing someone was watching on the other side, he was blinked by Sauron’s gaze, and at that moment he knew Sauroman had been sucked into the dark lord’s power through visible metal. gravel. Saruman then traps Gandalf on Orthanc . so that he cannot interfere in the evil lord’s plans.

Although it was never explicitly shown in the film adaptations, the orb in the Minas Tirith tower is also active. Pippin, the youngest member of the scholarship and by far the most innocent, taken to the white city after his own escape with Palantiri, where he is given a glimpse of Gondor’s white tree, and thus a hint of a plan enemy plan. There he meets Denethor, Warden of Gondor, whose rule is clearly failing, and who has been left in despair and grief following the death of his son Boromir. But aside from the pain of his son, there was another reason Denethor had almost gone mad with hopelessness: his use of the sighted stone.

Unbeknown to the rest of the kingdom, he had seen through the stone for many years, and although Sauron could not persuade or control him like Saruman, he had gradually violated his resolve. the Stewards to weaken the stronghold of Gondor. At the time of War of the Ring, Denethor could not bear his agony.

The only character seen in the trilogy that can truly stand up to Palantiri’s powers is Aragorn. To attract the dark lord’s attention, Aragorn looked at the Seeing Stone and attempted to pursue Sauron, threatening him with Narsil, the blade of which had originally cut the One ring from his finger. But Sauron’s will was also strong, and in turn he showed Aragorn a vision of his love, Arwen, who was slowly fading away. instead of going with my mother to the Land of the Immortals. What became of the stones after the war of the ring is unknown, but it is thought that they were locked up somewhere safe, so their great power could not be used by anyone. creatures of Middle-earth.

Perhaps Amazon’s The Lord of the Rings Series, set in the Second Era of the World, some 2000 years before the events of the Association, will teach audiences a little more about Palantiri and how their use, as this happened around the time the Numenorians first brought them across the Land of Bliss.

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