Ozark Empire Fair in Springfield, Missouri, Will Unite COVID and the Unvaccinated

I amrather than displaying common sense in the midst of an anxious COVID output, organizers of the annual Route 66 Birthday Festival in Springfield, Missouri, voted unanimously to cancel the annual event for the second year in a row.

“With the low level of vaccination in our area against COVID-19, the increase in infections is spreading to our hospitals and making our community sick,” said Cora Scott, Springfield’s director of information and civic engagement, in a July 12 announcement. “We feel that bringing tens of thousands of people from all over the world to this society for no reason is not dangerous.”

But from July 29 to August 7 in Springfield there seems to be a show of complete madness.

Worse, the Ozark Empire Fair continued last year, when much of the country was closed. Things are better elsewhere, but they are worse than ever in this area, but the fair will open it again this year. Never forget that The Delta COVID-19 variant is shaking Springfield County is home to the largest number of COVID hospitals in the pandemic – 259 people with a “serious illness” on Tuesday, more than 90 percent of whom have not been vaccinated.

The city of Springfield is a partner of the Route 66 festival, but has no voice in the actions of the Ozark Empire fair.

And this nine-day event will attract tens of thousands of people from Springfield and surrounding areas. Organizers are trying to bolster the presence with a sign that this is Missouri’s second anniversary as a state.

“The biggest summer party” promises.

A retired Springfield 911 supervisor named Bill Blevins put it another way in a Facebook post.

“Be sure to attend the Covid-19 Super Spreader event this summer! Get on the fan! ”

Meanwhile, the trajectory of the new cases shows that hospitalization will exceed the current record.

“We don’t have a plateau,” Scott told the Daily Beast. “It’s a testament to the power of disinformation.”

Despite persuading more than 1,000 other people to take the shot, with a campaign in which pastors, firefighters and community advocates marched through the door, the vaccination rate in Springfield is only 40 percent; the proportion of those under the age of 20 is only 17 percent.

In the nearby Douglas area, the vaccine is only 16 percent for all ages. Ozark County is only 20 percent and Tansy is 28 percent.

Based on those figures, the total cost of the Ozark Empire Fair will be less than half, meaning thousands of shippers will be infected with COVID and are more likely to become seriously ill in conditions where the virus is spreading.

The organizers of the fair insisted that it adhere to the CDC’s recommended protocols, including social spacing and coverage. But local health officials have been left out of any large gatherings.

At a press briefing on Tuesday, acting Springfield-County Health Director Katie Townes did not respond directly to a Daily Daily question about the fair. But the spokesman confirmed that his response would cover any such events, including the fair, when he was asked about the Light the Way Christian music concert at the Green Border over the weekend.

I think the fear is that the disease is bad right now and our department is drowning, the hospitals are drowning.

“We’ve all been around for a year and a half and I think we all know the rules of the game at the moment, so the virus traps people who aren’t vaccinated and in contact with each other,” Cities said. “I think. the fear is that the disease is bad at the moment and our department is drowning, the hospitals are too many. “

He continued: “We are concerned that more diseases will appear and especially things that bring people together that the virus will inevitably pass in such cases.”

The management of the Ozark Empire Fair did not respond to a request for comment on COVID precautionary measures.

But as a native of “Show Me,” Blevins, a retired 911 supervisor, isn’t sure if those present at the fair will wear masks after crossing the entrance.

“I strongly doubt this – if they wear them at all,” he said.

Blevins was vaccinated in March, but two weeks ago learned directly that even a blow from the Delta variant does not provide complete protection. She had symptoms on July 4th and got much worse the next day.

“Until then, I was actually shaking because I was suffering,” he said. “I just sat there and shuddered … That’s what you can do.”

The next day he went to the doctor and came to the ambulance to see his best friend.

“I didn’t see it coming,” he later said.

The friend did not get the shot and said the vaccine was very experimental. She was on her way to the COVID hospital when she went to the doctor for a checkup.

“They said,‘ Yeah, you got it, ’” he recalled.

He also gave it to his wife, who took his first shot the day before the diagnosis – too late to create any significant protection. She escaped from the hospital from being hospitalized, but was even sicker than he was.

“I swear to God I was sick,” he said. “It was a rough ride, but it was short.”

He is convinced that if he had not been shot, his illness would have been more severe. And at age 60 with a history of heart and kidney disease, he says he probably wouldn’t have fully shared the success of his wife and best friend on the road to recovery.

“I didn’t talk to you,” he told the Daily Beast on Tuesday. “It simply came to our notice then. That vaccine saved my ass. ”

Here, it was like New York. It’s everywhere. Anyone who is not vaccinated here will get it.

Many others refuse safety because COVID spreads, spreads and spreads in their hometown.

“Look, it was like New York,” Blevins said. “It’s everywhere. Anyone who is not vaccinated here will get it. ”

He had participated in the Ozark Empire fair several times in previous years. He predicted this.

“Some cases come out of that fair,” he said. “I guarantee that.”

Perhaps the presence was less than expected, as the biggest draw, Loverboy, was canceled.

“They can’t leave Canada,” Blevins rightly pointed out.

One of the three full regional clauses is called the Consecutive Period.


The ongoing dose could make good use of its name if it used the concert as an opportunity to encourage young people to get fully vaccinated.

As is the case in Springfield County, most cases are people under 40 years of age. Infections are more than 64 percent among those aged 23 to 30 and more than 51 percent among those aged 18 to 22.

“We need to think that this disease only affects those who are older or unhealthy, especially now that the opposite option proves it,” Townes told the press. “More and more young people in our hospitals are receiving intensive care with the help of COVID-19. And sadly, today we reported the death of a 26-year-old man who died at home. ”

Cities are the most serious reason everyone should point out that everyone should contribute at this stage depending on the pandemic option.

“I think it’s all our job to remember that children don’t have the opportunity to be vaccinated,” she said. “So if you care about helping them stay safe, it’s the right thing to do and get vaccinated so we can do everything we can to protect our vulnerable population from this virus right now. ”

The age group of up to 20 is almost vulnerable with its 17 percent vaccine rate. A message on the Ozark Empire Fair page on Facebook offers them short-term employment opportunities when the doors open next week.

“Do you want to earn some money before school starts? The Department of Fair Privileges of the Ozark Empire seeks help! ”

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