Overwatch test card makes big changes

The blizzard is bringing back OverwatchThe in-game Test tab, a temporary game mode that allows the development team to try out fundamental changes to the game without breaking things. However, this Test Card is special. In the latest Test Card, Blizzard is transferring the design to three Overwatch content creators. The three Twitch broadcasters, Violet, Flats and Somjuu, will update the Support Heroes, Tanks, and DPS respectively. Needless to say, Overwatch Players can expect some radical changes.

As expected, the creator changes will give every hero a significant boost. There’s probably no better example of this than Flats’ Tank changes. ZaryaFor example, when her Barriers increase from 200 to 250 health despite their size increasing by 50%, while her alternate fire explosions no longer damage herself and increase by 150% ability to retaliate. It’s increased power and utility. Similarly, Wrecking Ball’s Roll’s jump height is increased to 100%, Winston’s Jump Pack is faster, Roadhog’s Chain Hook has a lower cooldown, D.VA boost is faster and longer, and Reinhardt can cancel cancels his attacks.


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Somjuu’s DPS changes are surprisingly simple, but still true to character. Ashe currently has two counts for her Coach Gun and only incurs a 10% move penalty when aiming down, Cassidy can roll mid-air, Genji’s wall climbing speed is 50% faster and Double Jump refunds, Reaper moves 40% faster after using Shadow Step, and Tracer gets her Blink back after Recall, with some major changes. Somjuu clearly wants DPS to do more of their fun non-DPS abilities.

The support changes from Violet are simple, but much more experimental than expected. Ana can reset Sleep Darts’ cooldown if she kills her sleeping target, BaptisteRegenerative Burst now deals damage to enemies instead of healing allies, Lucio’s Sound Barrier deals “big damage” if it lands on an enemy, Moira can cast Biotic Grasp even when it runs out of mana with its own health, and Zenyatta’s Transcendence applies Discord automatically to nearby enemies. It could be said that Violet wanted to support becoming stronger.

Of course, there are significantly more changes than those referenced. All characters have been tweaked a small amount in terms of health, damage, or cooldowns to better balance characters with more fundamental changes. Blizzard is comfortable allowing creators to bend Overwatchbalance of, but do not break it.

It was interesting to see how each creator chose to redesign OverwatchHero’s. Violet fundamentally changes the way many Heroes play, Flats focuses on fun while removing many of the annoying limitations of tanks, and Somjuu just wants to be able to do more of what DPS Heroes are doing. . Needless to say, the new one Overwatch Test card will allow players to see if some of the changes they want really give a good sense of motion.

Overwatch Available now on PC, PS4, Switch and Xbox One.

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