Overwatch fans create amazing levels with Ana’s Sleeping Dart

An Overwatch player leverages a perfect Ana Sleep Dart shot to cancel an opponent’s Sigma Ultimate ability in the most gratifying way.

Ana Overwatch

There are some interactions in Overwatch that just satisfies the soul such as Cassidy Dead-Eye just in time for 3+ kills, a 5+ hero Reinhardt Shatter ending with a Team Kill gong or even a D.Va Bomb ending with multiple kills . However, many fans will agree that there’s something about making a great play out of a Support role that makes Overwatch much sweeter. One player posted their highlights to the Overwatch subReddit, boasting of their Ana Sleep Dart play.

The game in question happens in the Escort map Rialto Street stage, where it looks like the attacking team has just regrouped and is making their way back to the point. Video is from Ana player’s perspective, although due to the way Overwatch marking system Currently active, it’s unclear if this game is in Quick Play or Competitive. The enemy Sigma decided to boost the team with Gravitic Flux to slow them down.


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The enemy Sigma player confusingly moved from the right behind the building to get out. Instinctively while flying in the air, Ana . Player Advance Goal, pulls out a sleep dart and lands it perfectly to capture Sigma players in their sleep state, which also cancels their ultimate. What makes the game even better is that Sigma’s right-to-left movement has also brought him close enough to the edge of the map where there is no standing surface to land on and he falls into the river to kill the environment. .

The comments under the post were filled with congratulations to u/ST1TCH1343, who called it the best match of their careers, for an impressive performance. There is admiration for the player’s calculation of where to shoot darts when Sigma moves not only to the left but also slightly upwards in its efforts to avoid any impending damage. The other comments are questioning the opposing Sigma’s playstyle, which seems to have prepared themselves for defeat by a bit too eagerly watching Flux’s demise. Not only did they put themselves in an open position with no personal shield, but they were also close enough to the edge of the map to destroy the environment.

Canceling an opponent’s ultimate in that fashion is a satisfying feeling, as Ana and other supports, in general, tend to be bullied by other roles. That shooting skill is a skill that even some people who stream and Master Overwatch player tend to be wrong when the situation arises.

Overwatch Now available on Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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