Overwatch Fans Come To Unique Alien Abduction D.Va Skin Concept

A really weird but cool Overwatch skin concept that turns D.Va into an alien, with the Tank hero’s mech transformed into a UFO.


Overwatch Skin concepts have changed from humorous to serious over the years, with fans expressing their creativity in a number of ways. However, the newest fan made by fans Overwatch the costume lies somewhere, as it turns D.Va into a space traveler.

While an alien version of D.Va would be strange to be introduced in most Overwatch event, it can make a fun random addition in something like the Anniversary event. It would also be a great fit for next year’s Halloween Terror, as the spooky season saw D.Va transform from a cheerful gamer into a nine-tailed fox. With Shin-Ryeong’s skin being one of the character’s most popular looks, perhaps another major appearance change would also be a hit.


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Latest Overwatch skin concept comes to the aid of Reddit user CornyLope, and when fans first see it, they’ll likely be stunned by how many tweaks have been made to D.Va’s looks. First, the hero’s long brown hair was changed to a much shorter hairstyle. The colors have also been changed, with this, D.Va sporting some dark blue hair that locks in neon blue highlights at the end. She also has a green beard and interesting rimmed glasses, with the shape of the lenses giving the illusion of more alien-like eyes.

D.Va’s bodysuit was also redesigned, with the hero wearing a slightly more durable looking outfit. The area on her belly is black with green lines, while pink textures cover other parts of the suit. NS famous tank hero also has light purple, blue and green as accent colors on the outfit. Her gun still maintains its distinctive color scheme, although it has also been given a makeover to make it wider and more gun-like. The last touch you’ll see an alien keychain dangling from the hilt.

However, the real star of the show is D.Va mech. Its top potion is exactly what players would expect from a UFO, with a visible green cockpit that will allow players to see the alien version of D.Va. However, CornyLope is extremely creative with the lower half of the design, as the legs and body of the mech are that of a cow. In addition to the nod showing the cows being abducted by extraterrestrials, this allows the upper part of the mech to maintain its saucer shape. While the leather-wrapped guns and cannons are certainly quirky, they work well for what the artist was trying to accomplish.

While it remains to be seen if D.Va fans There will never be an official design that resembles this one, it’s clear that many people appreciate CornyLope’s work. With nearly 7,000 upvotes and many positive comments, it seems that many gamers will enjoy controlling Alien Abduction D.Va.

Overwatch Available now on PC, PS4, Switch and Xbox One.

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