Overwatch clip shows how overwhelming Mei’s experimental changes are

Overwatch currently in a lull as Blizzard focuses its development efforts on Overwatch 2. That means new content for Overwatch very rare and the meta quickly becomes stale even when changes are made. Luckily, Blizzard recently introduced a new Experimental Mode filled with exciting changes for players. This round of Experimental Mode allowed content creators to pick changes, and they made the most of the opportunity. A clip of Mei recently shared on Reddit captures the fun of these tweaks and also why they will never be released on live servers.


The clip in question features a Mei player showcasing one of the experimental changes made to her kits for the limited time event. Mei uses her Ice Wall ability to climb a high area of ​​the map. She then rushes to the place of action below her, jumps into the air and uses Ability to freeze mid-air. Normally, doing this would not result in Mei’s frozen body falling to the ground, rendering her invulnerable until opened. However, in this Test Mode, Mei has become a giant ice rocket.

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After using her Cryo-Freeze, Mei lunges at the opposing team and completely destroys them. She gets four instant kills, including one Reinhardt with his shield up. Mei breaks through and brutalizes her opponents, and they never even see it happen.

Victims may not be expected to be destroyed, as in the base version of Overwatch, Cryo-Freeze does not deal any damage. However, in Test Mode, Mei’s Cryo-Freeze deals a staggering 2,000 damage. Basically, if Mei can maneuver her to land her opponent with Cryo-Freeze, this is relatively easy since she has Stone wall that can raise her, she can instantly kill any opponent as long as they don’t run away.

Some would say that Mei’s new Cryo-Freeze is overwhelming, and they are absolutely correct, as 2,000 damage is a lot. But at the same time, Test mode was for testing, and this was a great success of an experiment. It’s interesting to think that a Mei player has the power to force a team to split up. It’s an ability to add interactivity, making Overwatch a more dynamic experience.

Obviously, this feature will never make it Overwatchof the live server, but perhaps The blizzard will be attacked by inspiration. Developers could experiment with Mei’s Cryo-Freeze hitting the opponent back and then shattering when it hits the ground, or perhaps it would briefly freeze hit targets instead of dealing a massive amount of damage. Simple damage. Test mode is all about thinking about Overwatch in a different way, even if some groups have to be wiped out in the process.

Overwatch Available now on PC, PS4, Switch and Xbox One.

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