Overwatch 2 should take note from Call of Duty Zombies’ storytelling

Overwatch 2 there’s likely still some time to go before it’s released, as the game was indefinitely delayed a few months ago. When it does finally come out, a lot of eyes will be on its storytelling, as many have grown attached to some Overwatch Heroes and their legends. However, with Blizzard having so many heroes to juggle, a number of other storytelling strategies could come in handy.

Overwatch 2 will likely use more of the original game’s approach when it comes to story development. This includes animated shorts, related comics focusing on specific heroes, and in-game chats that provide insight into the actors’ relationships. However, the sequel may add several new types of storytelling, both of which are already widely used in the series. Call of Duty Zombie. With the strategies used in co-op mode creating a complex multiverse and allowing a decade-long story to be told, they would be perfect for the Overwatch series.


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Sound Logs and Cyphers in Overwatch 2’s Map

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When Call of Duty Zombies first started introducing a proper storyline, it did so via radio on the map I don’t know Japanese. Not only did the map bring in proper playable characters instead of generic marines, but the radio also helped explain what was going on in the rest of the world. Radios only become more common in Der Riese, providing a plot for the place itself and introducing a focused story that brings in a larger cast of characters.

As Zombies evolve, audio logs remain an important part of the experience. Audio recordings from original Black Ops game documented Richtofen’s path to dementia, while Call of Duty: Black Ops 2Audio diary of exploring different factions in a post-apocalyptic world. Arrive Call of Duty: Black Ops 3, the audio diary allows god-like characters like Shadowman to communicate with the cast, while Black active 4 and Black Ops’ Cold War both continue the trend of hidden recording.

No matter how complicated the Zombies story becomes, the audio recordings are there to provide players with a way to learn more about the many locations and characters that are integral to the plot. As Overwatch 2 expand with more heroes like Sojourn, making sure that each character gets a chance to shine is important. Audio diaries can provide character development in addition to PvE campaigns, comic books, and animated shorts.

The places on the map can be easily visualized where the audio recordings would fit perfectly. In the attacker’s spawn room in Junkertown, logs of Junkrat and Roadhog can be collected. Route 66’s diner could provide audio recordings for heroes like Ashe, while Numbani Airport could have audio files allowing the player to hear Orisa and Efi’s interactions. Dorado might have a Sombra audio diary, King’s Row might have a Tracer recording, and Zenyatta could get some much needed lore through Nepali collectibles. Like Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold Warinformation of, players can listen to these exciting recordings from the main menu, killing time as they wait to join the matches in the sequel.

Hidden scammers are another thing that needs to be taken out from Call of Duty Zombie. These puzzles bring the community together to find a solution, and the result is often a compelling teaser of a future map or possible fate of a character. Overwatch 2 can showcase the same puzzle types, scatter them around the map and let the community put the pieces together. Once resolved, the fan base can learn about the upcoming map or get confirmation of the next hero receiving a dedicated event. While Sombra ARG is divisive, disappointment comes only because of how long it has been going on, with many enjoying the puzzle solving happening so early.

While Overwatch 2‘s PvE campaign So much fun for those who want more time with their favorite heroes, it doesn’t seem like the 30+ characters won’t get the same amount of time in the spotlight. As a result, heroes who sit in the backseat in story mode will benefit from some CoD Logs sound like zombies. With intricate puzzles that allow communities to come together in a new way, Call of Duty Zombies’ unique storytelling style could prove effective for Overwatch Franchising.

Overwatch 2 is in development for PC, PS4, Switch and Xbox One.

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