Overwatch 2 fans share Diablo-inspired Sojourn Skin Ideas

With Overwatch 2 still a long way off, one fan deftly passed the time by creating a Diablo-inspired skin concept for Sojourn, who will debut in the sequel.


When Overwatch 2 is introducing some exciting new PvE maps, modes and campaigns, some of the fans most interested in the additional characters it will bring. Sojourn is the first new hero to come Overwatch 2and a fan decided to give her a Diablo-Emotional makeup looks like a big change from her default look.

The Canadian hero joined the ongoing story when she appeared in the quest Storm Rising from OverwatchEvents archive of. Boasting a cybernetic brain implant, her design is ultra-futuristic, with robotic legs and tubes coming out of her arms. Therefore, it seems a bit strange to see Sojourn take on the appearance of someone from Diablo The universe. It’s hard to argue with how this design came to be, however, as the Sojourn’s unbelievably different look would make for a great formal skin.


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Artwork provided by Reddit user CornyLope, who recently shared a skin concept for Junkrat. Their Sojourn skin seen Diablo 3The Witch Doctor serves as inspiration, and while it likely doesn’t give Sojourn the option to summon allies in the hero shooter, it’s both stylish and unique. Players will notice some white face paint on Sojourn’s face, with a skull-like pattern clearly visible. White dots covered the rest of her skin, clearly visible on her arms and legs.

Fans of Sojourn Also notice how different the character’s hair is, as her braided white locks are replaced with a giant black mohawk. Easily one of the most unique hairstyles out there Overwatch skin concept, it’s hard to imagine the design working without it. However, there are some other interesting details to be seen, such as the hero’s black shoulder pads and the skulls on her belt and back. The brown armor is also intricate, with some gold accents scattered throughout.

Another great touch shows Sojourn’s pistol changed, and with many Overwatch player looking forward to trying out her weapon, it’s nice to see it being shown a little more love. In addition to Sojourn’s dotted skin and skulls on the back, the weapon’s barrel also has a mouth – which makes it instantly more intimidating. For fans, even including special footwear for the character, every design has been thought out. Consider that Overwatch there have been a few Diablo– themed skins are available for some of its heroes, the official Witch Doctor skin for Sojourn is not out of the question.

With Overwatch 2recent delay, unfortunately it will be a long wait before players can try Sojourn. Hopefully when players finally get access to her, they’ll be able to unlock some cool skins like this one.

Overwatch 2 Available now on PC, PS4, Switch and Xbox One.

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