Other Rings Of Power And What Happened To Them?

“Three rings for the Elven kings under the sky, seven for the Dwarven lords in their stone corridors, nine for the dying Immortals, one for the Dark Lord above his dark throne in the Land of Mordor, where the Shadows lie”. These iconic lines from Lord of the Rings explains that The One Ring the story revolves around is not the only ring of great importance in the world of Middle-earth. There may be One Ring that rules them all, but the other Rings of Power play their part, too.

But what exactly are those roles? The other Rings of Power and their owners are barely mentioned in the story, but if One Ring is so powerful, the others Sauron created must also bring their own powers, right? Why were these Rings created and given across the lands of Middle-earth, and what exactly did they do?


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There are 20 Rings in total, all forged during the Second Age. Sauron had a hand in making all of them (though he didn’t actually create all of the Rings), with the effort turn different leaders of different races and kingdoms throughout Middle-earth to his evil side. The idea was to create a Master Ring that could control all the others (this eventually became the only Ring), and he would give the other Rings to powerful people all over the Earth. He especially wanted to find a way to dominate the Elves, because he was at war with them and any other attempt to defeat them would require a large army. This is where the first ring comes in.

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The first rings made were Elven rings, forged by Celebrimbor. Sauron came to Celebrimbor as “Annatar”, a messenger of the Valars, and provided the Elves with the knowledge needed to form the Rings. He tells them that by forging these Rings, they will be given new powers and be able to transform Middle-earth. Initially, the Elves created several smaller rings, but in the end Celebrimbor created the Three Rings with the knowledge that “Annatar” gave him.

The three Elven rings are Narya (Ring of Fire), Nenya (Ring of Water) and Vilya (Ring of Air). Narya was first worn by Gil-galad (who was the King of the High Elves), and it ended up being a success. owned by Gandalf. Gil-galad also possessed Vilya, and upon his death, Elrond inherited it. Nenya is owned by Galadriel and she is the only one who has ever owned it. Instead of making their owners invisible, the Rings are invisible on their own.

Regarding the specific powers of the individual Rings, Narya is described as having the power to inspire those around the holder, while also giving the holder resistance to “the wear and tear of time”. space”. Nenya possesses the ability to protect and protect from evil, and it is said that Galadriel used these powers to create and protect Lothlórien, though it also increased her powers. longing to go to the Immortal Land. Vilya is the greatest of the Three Elves Rings. Its specific powers were never announced, but it has been inferred that it also has the same healing and power-conserving abilities as Nenya. There is also speculation that it has the power to control minor elements and see the future, but it is unclear if this is an effect of Vilya or just a natural ability of Elrond, who is the owner. All of these Rings were worn by their owners until they left Gray Heaven at the end of the Third Age.

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The Dwarves possess seven rings, six of which were given to them by Sauron, the seventh being a gift to Durin III by Celebrimbor (though it was still created by Sauron). The Dwarves used their Rings to build their famous treasure, and Sauron was never able to make the Ring-bearing Dwarven Lords submit to his will. Nor do these rings make their bearers invisible, and the natural strength and toughness of the Dwarves making them resistant to the adverse effects the Rings are said to have (including Sauron’s control). Four of the Rings were destroyed by dragon fire, and three more were recovered by Sauron. The last ring left in the possession of the Dwarves (the one originally owned by Durin III) was lost when Durin’s descendant Thráin II was captured and tortured by a Necromancer (who disguised himself as Sauron).

The remaining nine Rings were given to the Men of Evil Heart, who had resigned themselves to becoming the Ringwraiths, controlled by Sauron. The nine Rings given to these Men brought them great wealth and power, and enabled them to become powerful Mages. However, after a long time wearing these Rings, they began to see visions and illusions brought about by Sauron, and damaged and incapacitated against evil. They are under Sauron’s control forever, and their actions and powers are directly related to him, making them more than just an extension of his will. There is no mention of the Nine Rings when Nazgûl appears, which implies that they did not need to wear the Rings to remain under Sauron’s control.

The Last Ring is the Only Ring, that is forged by Sauron himself and powerful enough to control nineteen other Rings. His original plan was to create this ring to dominate the Elves possessing their own Great Rings without any military intervention. In the end, the plan didn’t go as imagined and One Ring couldn’t have full control over the other Rings, but Sauron’s power was increased when he put on the Ring, and gave him the strength to stay alive. military power that he would not otherwise have. achieved.

Of course, the fate of this ring is the most famous of them all, going from Sauron to Isildur after his first defeat, then to Sméagol, Bilbo, and finally Frodo. Despite his efforts to forge all of the Rings, Sauron’s last attempt at power led to his eventual downfall at the hands of Frodo Baggins when the Last Ring was thrown. into the flames of Mount Doom.

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