OSRS – Cooking to Level 99 Guide

The cooking skill is one of the easier skills in OSRS to reach level 99.

Out of all the skills that are available to you in OSRS, cooking is one of the simplest for you to get to the max level with. It has a number of benefits, not only providing you with more OSRS gold but it can also help you to gain items that you can use to your advantage. This is a very popular choice for you to get up to 99, given how much easier it is than other skills to reach your goal. 

Here we will be looking at where the best place for you to cook is, and what you should be cooking at each level bracket. It may be worth looking into investment in OSRS items for sale or to even go and buy OSRS gold to get the items necessary to your cooking skill levelling. 

Training Cooking is Important

Sure, you could simply use your own OSRS gold and buy food yourself in the game. However, there are a number of quests and diaries to consider where your cooking skill is concerned. For example, the Kourend, Wildy and Varrock Elite diaries require you to reach level 84, 90 and 95 cooking respectively. You would also need level 62 cooking for the Swan Song quest, and level 70 for the epic Recipe for Disaster quest. 

Where to Cook

There are different locations throughout Old School Runescape where you can cook. Factors to keep in mind include whether there is a bank for you to visit nearby, and of course the necessary equipment such as fireplaces to be able to do the cooking in the first place. 

The best places for you to cook depend on what account that you have. If you have a free to play account, then the Cook-o-Matic at Lumbridge Castle Range is where you should visit. This will require you to complete the Cook’s Assistant quest, which is available to you very early on in the game. 

The range is found in the kitchen of the castle. There’s a ladder for you to traverse to bank as well. The fact that you have to keep climbing up and down the ladder can be a pain, but it is the best place for free players. The reason for this is that the burn rate is lower here, so you can expect to make better quality produce. 

If you have a member’s only account, then you will have access to the very best location to cook in Old School Runescape. This is based at the Hosidius Cooking Range, where you can cut down your burn levels for cooking, even more so if both the Kebos and Kourend Elite diaries have been completed. There is a bank nearby too, but you will need to ensure that you have gained 100% Hosidius favour before you can use it. 

Cooking Level 1-20

To start your journey to level 20, you should look into cooking Sardines. It shouldn’t take you much longer than 10 minutes to complete this, and you’ll have to cook 112 in total to reach that level. 

Level 20-30

Once you surpass level 20, it’s time to switch from Sardines to Trout. This takes around 5 minutes or so to complete, with a total of 128 trout needing to be cooked. 

Level 30-50

For the next 20 levels, we will be required to make 978 Salmon. There is an AFK element to this, and will take just under an hour. In fact, there is profit to be made from this method, if you’re looking to make some extra OSRS gold as well. 

Level 50-75

We are over halfway to our goal at this point. To start with, cook Tuna to make a bit of profit and a boost in around 10 levels when cooking 2,010 Tuna. This may take up to a couple of hours, until you reach around level 60 where you can switch to Lobster. At level 61, you shall no longer burn Lobsters at the Hosidius Range with the use of the cooking gauntlets. 

Level 75-99

Cooking 7,748 Swordfish is the next step, taking you to level 82 after 6 hours. Following this, you can hit level 89 cooking 16,412 Monkfish for 12 hours. Pushing us into the early level 90 levels will be Sharks, cooking 11,207 of them for roughly 9 hours. To finally hit level 99, you will need to spend about 20 hours cooking 25, 387 Anglerfish. 

The cooking skill is a great chance for you to 99 a skill easily. It’s a great profit maker if you don’t want to have to find OSRS gold for sale

Have you tried these OSRS cooking methods? Let us know in the comments section below!

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