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The oscar fish, also known as the oscar cichlid, is a species of freshwater fish in the cichlid family.

The oscar’s intelligent personality and attractive marbled orange color make it an attractive aquarium fish. However, because of the oscar’s aggressive temperament, the fish is difficult to keep in a community tank and is not suitable for beginners.

~~Frequently asked questions ~~

~ Can Oscars eat guppies? ~
es, oscars can eat guppies. Oscars are opportunistic feeders, so they will eat anything small enough to put in their mouths, including guppies.

However, you should not feed guppies with your oscars. Feeding fish purchased from pet stores, including guppies, are often infected with diseases and parasites. Eating these sick guppies can negatively affect the health of your guppies in the long run. Unless you keep your own guppies, you should not feed any of your guppies.

~ Why is my oscar fish lying on its side? ~
Your oscar is lying on its side because of stress or illness. Your car may lie on its side after being transferred to a new tank or if it feels uncomfortable with its surroundings.

Oscar fish also lie on their side as a sign of submission if they have just lost a battle or feel unable to defend their territory from intruders.

In rare cases, your oscar may also lie on its side because it is sick. If your fish is also showing symptoms of illness, such as panting and loss of appetite, get it checked out and treated immediately. Also, be sure to check the water quality, as well as the ammonia and nitrite levels.

~ How do I know if my oscar fish is dying? ~
You know your oscar is dying if it shows the following symptoms:

-I lost my appetite
-Discoloration from the scales
-Fins clamped on the side of the body
-The fin is torn, injured
– Fierce swimming
– Unusual sly behavior
– Hide almost continuously

Oscar fish are usually very hardy and can withstand harsh conditions. However, untreated disease and parasites can kill even the toughest oscar. If you suspect your fish may be sick, treat and isolate them immediately to prevent the disease from spreading. Also, make sure to feed the fish properly and maintain the tank regularly to prevent disease in the first place.

~ How do I know if my oscar is male or female? ~
You can tell if your oscar is a male or a female by assessing their spawning areas after they turn a year old. Male and female oscars have two holes in their spawning areas, the anus and the genitals. In the male oscar, the sex organ resembles a small spine. Meanwhile, in female oscars, the organ appears blunt and slightly wider.

With that said, determining the sex of an oscar by analyzing its sex organs is extremely difficult. Even professionals sometimes have problems with this.

There is no other way to sex oscar fish. Oscar fish are monomorphic, which means that the male and female fish look exactly the same. So, it is not possible to distinguish the sex of an oscar just by looking at its color, shape or size.

~ What size tank do you need for an oscar? ~
You need a 55 gallon or larger tank for an oscar. Oscars grow very large, with the average oscar growing to about 12 inches long at maturity. Some oscars can even be up to 16 inches long. For that reason, an oscar needs a lot of space to live comfortably.

A 55 gallon tank is the minimum requirement for a single oscar. If you want to keep more oscars in your tank, add about 20-30 gallons of space for each fish.

If you can afford to get a bigger tank, you should, especially if you decide to get a tank buddy for your oscar. The Oscars are territorial in nature and small, overcrowded tanks stress them out and incite their aggression.

These are just some of the frequently asked questions. There are still many FAQs and in-app information about Oscar Fish

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