Orsolya Gaal Alleged Murder of David Bonola Suggested By Clue on Refrigerator, NYPD Says


Detectives investigating last weekend’s murder of mother-of-two Orsolya Gaal in Queens found those words written on a family memo taped to her refrigerator, said a supervisor. NYPD senior told The Daily Beast.

The elderly gangster was 44-year-old David Bonola, who was arrested for brutal murder early Thursday morning, police said. Police say he confessed to stabbing Gaal 59 times, stuffing her body in a hockey bag, and leaving her at the edge of a park near his home. It was not clear if he had an attorney on Thursday afternoon.

According to the supervisor, Bonola became the focus of the investigation early on. Detectives were monitoring his home when a cleaning truck came to pick it up regularly on Wednesday. They stopped the truck at the corner, and a search of Bonola’s trash revealed a pair of bloody work boots and other bloody items, he said.

An earlier search had extended into Forest Park from the nearby sidewalk, where the body was discovered, packed into rolled duffel bags. Police found bloody pieces of cloth that the killer likely used to bandage his hands. Blood is slippery, and attackers in frenzied knife attacks often cut themselves.

Deeper into Forest Park, police quickly discovered something orange stuffed into a hollow tree. It is shown to be a bloody coat they believe the killer has discarded.

On Thursday, detectives continued to track Bonola’s whereabouts in the working-class South Richmond Hills, far from the park from Gaal’s home in the more affluent Forest Hills. The NYPD senior supervisor told The Daily Beast Bonola invited detectives to join the conversation, saying he had seen them around and asked if they were looking for him. The detectives replied that they wanted to speak to him at some point; he told them that he was very busy with work.

“What’s now?” asked a detective.

According to the supervisor, Bonola agreed and went with the detectives to the station in section 112. He was interrogated in the “box”, as the interrogation room is called in real life, as well as on TV.

For about half an hour, the supervisor continued, Bonola managed to divert the detectives’ attention to other men – even other gangsters. Detectives questioned him about the injury to his left hand and the supervisor said he had told police he had injured it the day before at work.

But detectives later showed Bonola a photo of him with his left hand bandaged. They noted that the photo was taken after the murder, but before that he said he was injured, according to the supervisor.

According to police, Bonola made a full statement, informing detectives that his relationship with Gaal had gone off for two years. Bonola is said to have further told detectives that he had seen text messages she exchanged with another man and had spoken to her about it shortly after midnight on Saturday.

They argued and police speculated that she took him down to the basement so they wouldn’t wake her 13-year-old son who was on the top floor. Her husband has left town with their 17-year-old son, who is in college. The Daily Beast’s attempts to reach her husband, Howard Klein, were unsuccessful this week.

The supervisor added that Bonola confessed to taking a knife from the house and repeatedly stabbing her. It is alleged he told detectives he stuffed the body in a hockey bag belonging to one of her sons and then drove it towards the park because he did not. want the family to catch it. Blood-stained bandages and blood-stained coat were later found discarded along the road he was supposed to walk home from, across the park.

After a dog owner found the body Saturday morning, a trail of blood led police to Gaal’s home. Detectives began examining what became of the crime scene, and saw the memo taped to the refrigerator.

https://www.thedailybeast.com/orsolya-gaal-alleged-murderer-david-bonola-hinted-at-by-clue-on-refrigerator-nypd-says?source=articles&via=rss Orsolya Gaal Alleged Murder of David Bonola Suggested By Clue on Refrigerator, NYPD Says


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