Opinion | Beware the cartel of nations ravenous for a global corporate tax

To just accept the brand new international tax system, Congress, which intermittently entails itself within the government department’s governance of this nation, must change not just some U.S. legal guidelines but additionally some treaties, which might require two-thirds of the Senate. This assumes, maybe rashly, {that a} parliamentary maneuver won’t be contrived to additional erode the rule of legislation by evading this constitutional requirement. The Paris local weather “agreement,” and the nuclear “joint comprehensive plan of action” with Iran, ought to have been treaties, however have been handled as lesser issues as a result of the manager department didn’t need to attempt to muster the broad assist that the Structure mandates for momentous measures. For america, a congressional embrace of the Biden administration’s international minimal tax charge by wafer-thin majorities underneath a ludicrously elastic “reconciliation” course of could be most momentous as an additional fraying of the nation’s growing ragged rule of legislation.


Huynh Nguyen

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