One Piece 1056: The Cross Guild is born

one piece The Wano Country arc nears its conclusion with each chapter, and after revealing Wano’s true story alongside Pluton last week, it’s clear that the arc’s most important revelations have now been made. After spending almost two weeks in Wano after the end of the war, it’s time for the Straw Hat Pirates to leave the country. One piece 1056 focused heavily on this as the crew prepared to leave what may have been their longest time on an island.


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At the same time, the chapter also gave fans a glimpse of things that happened regarding some of the former Shichibukai around the world. In addition, some very interesting decisions have been made in the land of Wano by the Red Scabbards, who are now preparing to defend their land with all their might, while Luffy’s group seems poised to leave. One piece Full of incredible moments, 1056 sends the crew off to another island in the following chapter.

The red scabbards in Wano

The Nine Red Scabbards took up quite a bit of the chapter as Green Bull’s attack on Wano opened their eyes to the reality that Kaido was a deterrent in Wano Country. His defeat means that Wano is now open to enemy attack. Because of this, the Nine Red Sheaths must be the shields of the land, and at the same time, Momonosuke must mature into a leader strong enough to protect the land from invaders. Even the leaders of the Mokomo Duchy, Inuarashi and Nekomamushi, decided to stay in Wano, making Carrot the next leader of Zou.

This confirms that contrary to popular belief, Carrot will not be joining the Straw Hat crew after all. Along with her, Otama, who was also a candidate for the next Straw Hat, stayed behind in Wano to learn the ways of a kunoichi and eventually joined Luffy in learning ninjutsu. At the same time, Sukiyaki, the ancient shogun of Wano, revealed his identity to everyone. With the information he possesses, the country’s future is now more secure than ever, and vital information is finally being passed back to the next generation.

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The end of the pirate alliance

A few days later, it seems that the Straw Hat Pirates are finally ready to leave the land of Wano for their next destination. Using the New World log pose, Law, Luffy, and Kid each choose an island to go to. The pirate alliance is almost finished and they have achieved their goal to bring down the emperors and disrupt order. Law and Luffy teamed up in Punk Hazard to defeat Kaido and that goal has finally been achieved.

Eventually, in Wano Country, Eustass Kid joined the two to defeat Big Mom and Kaido together. The pirate alliance was certainly successful and the fall of two emperors is a testament to that. In the process, they amassed huge bounties and established themselves as the great pirates of the new era. Now each of them is heading in a different direction, but all eyes are on the One Piece. Luffy has three road poneglyphs in his possession, while Kid and Law have two each. The One Piece race is very much alive.

The Cross Guild

Perhaps the most interesting part of the chapter was the Cross Guild, which was mentioned by the Eustass Kid to fans. As one of the new Four Emperors of the Sea, Buggy seems to have started an entirely new organization by that name. Surprisingly, his subordinates are taking some great shots One piece World. Dracule Mihawk, one of the former Shichibukai and the strongest swordsman in the world, is one of its members.

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Along with him, Sir Crocodile, another former Shichibukai and an Impel Down fugitive, has also joined the organization. With all that and all the other allies Buggy currently has, it makes sense that he’s one of the Four Emperors. The Cross Guild appears to be a rather dangerous organization bent on hunting down Marines. Buggy put bounties on all marines and made them the hunted for the first time. Surprisingly, Boa Hancock wasn’t mentioned in the chapter and fans are expecting her to show up sooner rather than later.

The Man Scarred by Flames


Towards the end of the chapter, Eustass Kid revealed that he must seek out the flame-scarred man in order to lay claim to the One Piece. Exactly who that person might be isn’t known to fans yet, but it seems he has some information about the One Piece. Given that the Roger Pirates are the only humans to have made it to Laugh Tale in over 800 years, it’s highly likely that this individual is a former member of the pirate crew. It’s also possible that this person is one of the survivors of a nearly extinct race, or a race that was allied with the Old Kingdom in the Void Century and therefore holds much information about the treasure of One Piece itself. At the moment only Kid seems to be looking for him. However, as it stands, Trafalgar Law seems to have some information about him as well. The identity of this person remains unknown at the moment, but will likely be revealed to fans in the next few chapters.

With the crew ready to leave the land of Wano, Yamato, who is most awaiting to join the crew at this point, seems poised to embark on a grand adventure with Luffy. Much like Oden, Yamato might leave the land of Wano for good after all those years of captivity. In him, the crew gains an incredibly powerful fighter and someone with a big dream in his eyes. Whether or not Yamato joins the crew is one thing One piece 1057 will respond, but fans will have to wait for that as Weekly Shonen Jump magazine is on hiatus next week.

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