Olivia Colman Will Blow You (Again) in ‘Landscapers’

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That Olivia Colman, She’s pretty good…

The lazy compliment about an actor who’s good at everything they do is to say, “I’ll watch them read the phone book.” So stupid. And that’s not true either. You won’t watch someone read the phone book. It’s a phone book! Whoever it was would be boring as hell. Also, does the phone book even exist anymore? Anyway, let’s find one. Because, despite everything I just said, I’m going to watch Olivia Colman read the phone book. (Someone looks up the phone book!)

I’ll watch Olivia Colman say “I put it in the closet!” with verve, when she does 100 seconds on this Vogue video interview. I’ll watch her brutally entertain and delight a rabbit harem, as she does in Favorite. I’ll watch her blow a raspberry in an Oscar acceptance speech in front of cinema’s most elite and illustrious, a bonus for her performance in that film, and I’ll definitely watch her simply say “Lady Gaga!” at the end and blow a kiss. (I’ve been re-watching this speech to write this, and obviously cried.) I’ll watch her trudge through the hills of England on a hunting trip in Crown, and then shouted, “Michaela Coel, damn it!” when get a prize for that performance. (Watched and cried with that one too.)

This is all to say that Olivia Colman is always good. Always charming. Always do something that takes you completely by surprise, but is also completely perfect. That’s exactly what she does in Landscapers.

Landscapers is a four-part miniseries (remember when anything boils down to four hours!?) that premieres Sunday nights on HBO. I don’t need to tell you she’s surprised in that. Maybe I don’t even need to tell you how she’s surprising in that is surprising. And yet, here we are, captivated once again by her performance in something, and how she takes it in directions we could never have imagined or expected, and then that, again, blew us away.

In Landscapers, she plays an English housewife who says she heard her mother shoot and kill her father, and then kill her mother while under provocation. Her husband later helped her bury the bodies, and more than a decade later, they were found. (Based on a true story!) Reading that description, you clearly don’t know what to expect from a performance like this. But I never imagined what Colman came up with.

She has an uncanny way of combining heartbreak and fun with an ingenuity that needs to be studied, especially since the extremes of that range are never read for a second as anything. except people and facilities. The simple act of a human being is amusing, just as it is utterly horrifying and poignant. She taps into the extremes of that existence so spontaneously that it reminds you how often it’s skating between them.

Landscapers It’s a true crime series, I guess, but it’s also an homage to Hollywood—which really only makes sense when you watch it. (I tried to put it in words for about an hour before I realized it wasn’t possible. Fire me.) But most of all, it showcased Colman’s extraordinary talent.

That’s not shocking news. As stated earlier, she has an Oscar and an Emmy. Of course she’s good. But it’s just that I couldn’t expect a performance like this from her, even after having wowed me so many other times, it wowed me. No actor working today is this power.

I would recommend a toast…

Stephen Sondheim passed away over Thanksgiving weekend and I’m not sure I could have handled it then because life was all around me… but, in retrospect, maybe that’s what he was always trying to figure out. syntax analysis. I haven’t stopped thinking about the meaning of his work since then, or I guess I’ve been doing it forever. I think I’ve been trying to work out what it means to me and how it’s changed me over the course of my life, but it took me a death trying to figure out how to articulate it. . The coupling is hard.

He changed theater and culture as we know it — and as we feel it. The ways he taught us – taught me – to process what it means to be human, to be reluctant but to work through your flaws, to yearn for more but to find a way to be okay identify and appreciate your position. Admittedly there are indeed happy endings in life, but they are often just the end of act one. What happens next – the pain and confusion of all that as it unravels – is hard to come by. So completely difficult. But it makes you appreciate the happy endings you’ve had, and that’s beautiful, if bittersweet.

He taught us — taught me — what it means to be an artist and an innovator, to be a human who struggles to achieve greatness and wants to leave a legacy, and to know that you don’t. want but still never want to stop trying, frustrated that it could happen. Whether it’s love, connection, or art, to want something to last forever.

That is exactly what he did. I can’t even type that word without feeling its enormity. Forever. And so I’m going to deviate from this, perfect tweet, sent to me by my twin, which, of course, made me laugh, but also realized that I was seeing exactly who I thought I was. That is also beautiful.

Have you thanked God for Kenny G today?

Back in September I interviewed Kenny G, don’t really know what will happen or what kind of angle I will have. He probably ranks among my favorite people I’ve ever talked to.

We all talk about self-awareness and, especially in the modern culture with social media and TikTok and whatever else I’m too old to know about, we’ve popularized it. Stars are expected to know what people think of them and make fun of themselves. I wonder if Kenny G pioneered that?


Listen to Kenny WOOD premiered this week on HBO and offers a fascinating insight into someone who has achieved unparalleled success, became a meme before the meme even existed, stared at the backlash and unfair criticism. equal, and smiled in the face of it, all because he was certain of one thing — that he was indeed very talented.

We talked a lot about what that means in our interview, but it’s totally worth looking up the documentary to learn more. Especially if you’re the type to roll your eyes at him this is a movie for you.

Channing Tatum, the culture we need and want

The first Magic Mike should have been nominated for an Oscar and the second part might just be the best sequel cinema has ever seen. I don’t say these things to cause controversy. They are simple facts. And the fact that we are now get a trio? Blessings we don’t deserve.


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