OG signs brand new Dota 2 roster led by Misha and Taiga, featuring two 16-year-old standouts

OG has built one of the biggest names in eSports by dominating the competition Dota 2 setting, surviving the mayhem, and becoming the first team in history to win The International twice, even doing so in consecutive seasons. But that era of OG is over. The organization is going in a new direction and signing a brand new listing.

Both Topson and n0tail is giving up activity Dota lists for extended breaks and Ceb announced his retirement earlier this week. Their departure allows OG to sign five new players, three of whom are changing their cards completely, to represent the team — starting with the team’s former coach Mikhail.” Misha” Agatov.

Misha joins the team in the second season of 2021 Dota Pro Circuit and was the team’s head coach through TI10. Now, the organization believes in his ability to lead OG as both fifth place and their new captain, taking over the role from n0tail departed with a unanimous vote of confidence. from the organization.

“He is a very nice person and he has a very good heart. He cares about everyone around him and he cares a lot about the game,” said Ceb speak. “This is a winning formula. He is smart, talented and willing to learn. What else can you ask? I can safely say that without him we wouldn’t have qualified for TI10. He came, helped us clear all the confusion, made us smarter about a lot of things. Misha has all that is needed and I trust in him and I will be there for whatever he needs.”

Joining him in the backline is Tommy “Taiga” Le, who is rumored to be joining OG after Saksa left the team with SumaiL and Team Liquid starting their own rebuild. The Norwegian international’s flexible playstyle will be a great tool for this new team to build. He also has a connection with OG since he hit his first notoriety with Topson on SFTe-sports.

By locking down two experienced supports, OG is opening the door for three relatively new younger players to join the arena, including two 16-year-olds from Creepwave.

Ammar “Ammar The F” Assaf, formerly known as ATF, spent time competing against Creepwave and Chicken Fighters throughout the 2021 DPC, establishing himself as one of the youngest players to ever compete in the DPC and is a force on the street. . He was one of OG’s first targets when the team decided to rebuild, with Misha and the old roster seeing a lot of untapped potential that could be unleashed with just a little guidance.

Likewise, his teammate Bozhidar “Biziem” Bogdanov – who previously played as Hansha – is also known as a promising prospect in second place. He only joined Creepwave in his second iteration and displayed powerful mechanical skills on heroes like Invoker and Void Spirit.

Ammar recommended the team consider hiring Biziem, and during the meetings, the pair’s passion for competition and synergy triggered what OG was looking for.

“When we met Biziem and ATF together, it really brought us a lot of emotions about Monkey Business,” said OG CEO JMR Luna speak. “They were so excited to play Dota, so infatuated. And they had a very good friendship going on. Misha is really connected to it. And the Dota part spoke for itself. Nice to have them.”

Both left the revamped Creepwave roster on October 22 following their win at Dota 2 Champions League 2021 Season 4, possibly when discussions or experiments with OG begin to take shape.

The final piece in OG’s new puzzle is Artem “Yuragi” Golubiev, formerly known as spAce – a relative unknown in the broader competitive landscape, but also a ranked player. high on the European Union rankings for a long time. OG brought in the Ukrainian mid laner through a transfer from Team Unique because of his creativity, versatility, and ability to progress.

The core of the OG group that once ruled the world Dota 2 is now gone, but that departure comes as no surprise to the fans who have been keeping a close eye on the team.

With ana and JerAx leaving after the team won the Aegis of Champions for the second year in a row, Topson and n0tail are the only players to remain committed to the three-peat goal and remain on the active roster. Even Ceb resigned, although he will return to the team less than a year later.

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Both Topson and n0tail are also very open to the belief that they will not compete Dota forever, with the former even hinting that he might be away for a long time to spend more time with his family most recent is july.

It feels as if the team is held together by the strength of their play, a treble at TI10, and his love for the game. Dota. But after the team was eliminated with a tie in seventh place, it seemed that competitive fire started to die out.

As Ceb said in announced his retirement, the realization that the team may not be as strong as it once was is a blow, and it’s become a lot more frequent to speculate about the sacrifices to continue to compete at the highest level. And now, the last three players have stepped aside, allowing new seeds to be planted, with a plan to help nurture them and help them grow.

“Winning is a consequence, not a goal,” says Ceb.

While OG’s goal with this new roster remains to compete at the highest level and win matches, the organization is aware of the youth of the players and is more focused on developing them. as an individual and as a unit by training the home team the OG way: train the right way, play with the right mentality and talk to your teammates the right way.

N0tail will stay directly with the team as they kick off at Sunflower Time in Libson, Portugal, providing direction and support as the team competes at DPC 2022 and ushers in the next era of OG Dota.

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