Nvidia RTX 3050 . Specifications Overview

GPUs have been hard to replace over the past few years, and the situation continues to get worse as the COVID-19 pandemic breaks out and spreads around the world. Even with newer and better models of graphics cards being developed and sold by Nvidia, AMD, and the new Arc GPU from Intel coming soon, it’s still hard for anyone to try to upgrade their device to buy a GPU. As a result, low-cost GPUs and older models have returned to production and otherwise are still very popular among those looking to jump into PC gaming with a lower barrier to entry. Nvidia seems intent on helping with this as well, having recently announced the RTX 3050 graphics card at $249 MSRP.


Where the GTX 1660 was once the ideal and/or cheap starter GPU, the RTX 3050 seems to be taking that spot with its new line of ray-tracing graphics cards. Similar to the previous series, NvidiaThe RTX 3050’s is specifically targeted at 1080p and 1440p gaming, which are generally middling specs for most PC gamers. It’s clear that the power disparity between the RTX 3050 card and the RTX 3090 Ti card is huge, but the Nvidia duo revealed at CES 2022 shows that they’re aware of the public’s struggle to get their hands on a budget GPU. reasonable. The RTX 3050 is a capable graphics card for the average PC gamer and a worthwhile upgrade for entry-level devices.

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Nvidia RTX 3050: Specifications


For users of the older Nvidia series or those looking to switch to PC gaming at a more affordable price, RTX 3050 bridges the gap for multiplayer. Nvidia’s latest affordable card boasts some impressive specs: the RTX 3050 is capable of outputting 9 Shaders TFlops, 18 RT TFlops, 73 Tensor TFlops, all powered by 8 GB of VRAM G6. Granted TFlops is a somewhat difficult metric to measure while the number of CUDA cores offered in the RTX 3050 totals 2,560. In addition, the base clock and boost clock for the GPU run at 1.55 GHz and 1.78 GHz, respectively.

At an MSRP of $249, the RTX 3050 from Nvidia is a great value for horsepower, though not even Nvidia’s mid-range offering. The RTX 3050 is now the new baseline powered by Nvidia’s 3000 series GPUsso there isn’t a single comparable graphics card in the family to compare its power with. Compared to the next highest graphics card, the RTX 3060, both cards have the same amount of VRAM. The main difference stems from the CUDA core count, 2560 cores in the RTX 3050 vs 3584 CUDA cores in the RTX 3060. That’s a difference of 1,024, about a 40% difference in performance between the RTX 3050 and the next available GPU. .

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How the RTX 3050 stacks up against similar budget cards

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That said, it’s not a completely fair comparison next to the card that the RTX 3050 is theoretically replacing: the GTX 1660 Super. All in all, before revealing the GPU 3050, GTX 1660 Super is considered by many to be one of the best budget graphics cards. The RTX 3050 card adds 2 GB of GDDR6 VRAM, while also taking advantage of the extra ray tracing and rendering power with the Ampere architecture. With a difference of just $20 in MSRP between both cards, it’s well worth the price difference, especially for those looking to take advantage of ray tracing and other Nvidia perks like Reflex and Shadowplay.

The main card that the RTX 3050 will probably be compared to Radeon RX 6500 XT, AMD’s equivalent budget graphics card. The RTX 3050 is theoretically more powerful than the RX 6500 XT, but that doesn’t take into account AMD’s proprietary AI supersampling solution (FidelityFX Super Resolution). Similar to Nvidia’s DLSS, based on benchmarks provided from both Nvidia and AMD, both offer relative Similar performance based on vague statistics provided by both companies. That being said, the native performance, combined with Nvidia perks like ray tracing and others, means the RTX 3050 could be better for as little as $50 more at MSRP.

Of course, the biggest factor that makes the RTX 3050 so appealing is its price, even though the RX 6500 XT is $50 cheaper. inside GPU market is now more seriousa budget GPU is the saving grace of many PC players. Essentially, every GPU sold is charged more than the MSRP by bots and resellers because of component shortages. Even if initially, the 3050 is built to be similarly hard to buy, it will be much more affordable than every other 3000 series card to date and gives budget players a taste for PC gaming. That is, assuming the price does not double its MSRP.

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