‘Not Safe’ Season 5 Episode 4 Summary: “Bug, Okay?!”

In its final season, Not safe cleverly played with tunes and genres in a fun way! Last weeks The episode focuses on Lawrence gave us more drama than we’ve seen from the show with showrunner Prentice Penny comment on Twitter, “We know this is not a super ‘funny’ episode but a REAL episode.” This week, thankfully, we get to see a perfect half-hour romantic comedy (written by Syreeta Smith. We’re waiting for the romcom series, ma’am!) -& funniest episode of the season so far.

The plot is kept pretty thin in the service of jokes and moments that focus on the relationships between our characters. Nathan’s barber shop The Clips (!) is having a party on the beach and this will be the first time he’s seen Issa since she cried “in his mouth”. Before the festivities are disrupted by an earthquake, we encounter a group of friendly black people, (or as Molly puts it: “There’s a bunch of niggas here! Like Costco!”), some merchandise black staples (the hilarious Issa has no idea how to play pho), and some painfully awkward interactions between our two lovebirds.

Issa begins to fall in love with her first conversation with Nathan since they fell asleep in a sudden emotional fall. The vibe between them isn’t just a little “Bug, Okay?!”. “Thanks for coming” to “Yeah! Great. And you?” the pipeline made me cringe as much as I talked about their entire conversation.Issa was in her head about the whole thing – imagining fake scenarios between Nathan and the other person. his very open-minded colleague Resha is a radio DJ for no reason, and the two are talking to each other about their true feelings.Nathan is clearly frustrated when she says she is. I’m glad they’re still friends, but according to the romcom formula, there’s nowhere to go from here to up.

On the bus to the second location, while Kelli and Resha stick together…. I’m still not sure, but it’s good to see Natasha Rothwell end some emotional breakdown later White LotusMolly receives information about the nature of Nathan’s relationship with Resha. In another car, Nathan and his colleagues in Los Angeles lamented being friends with Issa. At the bar, the couple agreed that they both made the mistake of blurring the line across the vocals during a performance that neither of them believed.

Side quest: It’s about time we see Molly having fun being single instead of dreading it. And she is choosing here! She goes home to Nathan’s co-worker, who has a tattoo that he tells her, with a murderous smile, is “the Chinese symbol for the good dick”. Good for you, Molly.

At the bar, do we also meet Nathan’s cousin? Who did he live with? IN TOWN? Even though Issa didn’t know he had family in LA? Between that, and the tough energy palpable between Nathan and his cousin’s wife, it’s clear that someone has a secret. In a sweet and particularly awkward moment with the awkward extension of the leaf metaphor, Issa finds him traumatized and steps in to defend Nathan’s character while he’s being bullied. His friends and family tease him for his fickleness and unpredictability. These two have been tapped with so much emotion, I have to change my stance: I send it!

Will-them, won’t-they may be the main story here, but Issa’s professional life is never distracting. Quoia’s overreaction to any alleged disrespect by Issa is turning out to be frightening. Crenshawn is taking Issa online for “fraud” and selling a match that caused Quoia to bleed while threatening violent retaliation. Issa fired a DM that was hard to hear, as opposed to crushing the whole thing & Crenshawns reacted predictably – by giving a hint on Twitter. (Note: the way Crenshawn uses social media is too precise for me! The hashtags. Emojis. We all know that guy.)

INSECURE 504 Natasha Rothwell, Yvonne Orji, Issa Rae
Photo: Merie Weismiller Wallace

It’s all ambient noise to the episode’s climax – the third and final location – the party in Jason Derulo’s mansion at which the singer appears to be performing “close-up magic”. After only Molly and her daughter are able to enter, the group begins to split as they allow Nathan to talk to his cousin for the first time in years and let’s learn more about the secret!

While staying with their family, Nathan accidentally goes into mania, resulting in behavior his cousin considers too risky to be with his young family, & accidentally throws him. We go out… choose to blame his wife’s decision. . And let me say, Kendrick Sampson acted stupid in this episode! And I personally know how it feels to hear the effects your mental health struggles have had on the people you love. He captured it all.

Understandably he left Jason Derulo’s group in favor of a picturesque lookout up the hill, and Issa followed. My romantic feelings are throbbing. There they agree that they cannot control the other’s perception of them & clear the air about their feelings for each other and the circumstances that have kept them apart. “Last year was a lot for me. And now I feel like I’m always waiting for the other shoe to drop,” said Issa, echoing the viewer’s sentiment.

Issa revealed she wanted to be more than friends but held back for fear of “looking stupid” in one final scene that nearly brought me to tears of satisfaction…. Such a great romantic comedy is a no-no! It gave Pride & Prejudice, it gave Bride on the run. It gave Love & Basketball, Brown sugar. And I want more!

The shot of the kissing couple overlooking the city view is full of possibilities – and compared to what we see Issa’s life might have looked like when she stayed with Lawrence – the possibilities are pretty good!

Rebecca O’Neal is a comedian and writer based in Brooklyn. She hosts a comedy show – Angel Baby at Purgatory – in Bushwick (November 27). See her jokes on Hai Trung.

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