Northstar Mod is Titanfall 2’s second rental on the multiplayer lifecycle

While Apex Legends has been appropriately entertaining for dedicated battle royale fans enjoying Season 11, fans of Respawn Entertainment’s first-person shooters have had a rough time in recent years. Fan Titanfalland more recently with Titanfall 2, has had to deal with a high ping corridor for years, hackers, DDoS attacks, and server crashes, among other interventions that have essentially rendered the multiplayer experience unplayable. During that time, die-hard fans organized several attempts to “save Titanfall, “all in vain. Controversy, constant server attacks and hacks, as well as a lack of developer support have led to Titanfall fan.


Now, Hardcore Titanfall 2 players solved the problem themselves with the client mod “Northstar” released this month. This allows PC players to set up and host their own custom multiplayer servers for Titanfall 2, all of which are fully customizable to any degree the server mods want. Whether it’s a pure tradition Titanfall 2 multiplayer experience, or the player who wants to be charmed by BT Titan always into the map, sport custom weapon/equipment, it’s also doable. Custom Servers Exactly What’s Hard Titanfall 2 community needs and could be the key to breathing new life into multiplayer shooters.

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Titanfall Long-Term Server Problems and Attacks

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This doesn’t always happen with Respawn Entertainment’s server for Titanfall 2 Multiplayer. However, in the years since its launch, vulnerabilities in the server architecture have been abused time and time again by hackers. While Respawn Entertainment has made sure no personal data breach or anything like that happened during any of the server attacks, the official multiplayer servers have been essentially unplayable. several times in the past few years.

From Respawn Entertainment’s point of view, the studio is in a difficult position, as the game isn’t really the studio’s focus to support developers at the moment. Much of the development and support staff is focused on management Apex Legends, which already has its fair share of problems with cheaters and hacks, leaving what works for a Skeleton crew support for Titanfall 2Multiplayer. Respawn Entertainment’s community coordinator, Jason Garza, notably mentioned in July 2021 that the studio “just [has] like one or two people up there because the rest, everyone else is up there Apex Legends…”

It’s unusual for a game as popular as Titanfall 2 used to be negatively affected by various security vulnerabilities so often. In contrast, other popular multiplayer games from 2016 (Overwatch, 5 . street fighter, Battlefield 1) have not experienced this level of server vulnerability or hacker/DDoS attack. Granted these are not exact one-to-one examples, but even one Games published by EA like Battlefield 1Multiplayer the server has effectively outlived Titanfall 2Official server of. With these new custom servers led by Titanfall 2 community, players are solving their own problems.

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How Custom Servers Are Reviving Titanfall 2 Multiplayer

Titanfall 2Northstar’s mod, is publicly available on GitHub, which gives players the ability to host their own servers for multiplayer. Seemingly simple, it’s a godsend for those struggling with constant hacks and attacks on official servers. Also, for those who want to spice things up, custom servers are compatible with “custom scripts and assets to create custom content”, which presumably means that any moderator has the ability to creating things like new guns/equipment/etc can also deploy them in the game. However, beyond any value custom content can bring to the game, Titanfall 2 players are now less at risk to hackers or server attacks.

The Northstar mod also doesn’t rule out the possibility of hackers abusing these custom servers, but the nature of private servers reduces the vulnerability considerably. Hackers will need to determine the server’s IP address, which is inherently harder to find if not on the “main server”, as explained by Twitter account SaveTitanfall. Setup is also relatively quick and easy, meaning players looking to get into a steady multiplayer match will have an easier time lining up for multiplayer. The only downside is that this is conceivably only applicable to PC players, which means console players don’t get to share the same luxury.

For the fastidious Titanfall 2 fans, this is a huge development. Years of controversy and hackers have become tradition Titanfall and Titanfall 2 unplayable multiplayer; Whether it’s high ping and server crashes, or hackers bugging players, there have been reports of problems with both Titanfall game since 2017. Custom servers will totally encourage players, especially die hard fans, come back Titanfall 2multiplayer again. In addition, considering all the publicity that Titanfall/Titanfall 2 server problem received, news of this solution may also bring back old players.

Titanfall 2 Available now on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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