No Way Home Prop has a deeper history

By Keane Eacobellis

Warning: this article contains mild fake software for Spider-Man: There’s no way home

Spider-Man: There’s no way home It’s been a record-breaking number of weeks since it hit theaters. It reached a point in the lifespan of many MCU movies when all the little details, including many that didn’t even make it to the big screen, began to be filtered out in the Marvel fanbase. to be summed up and lovingly included in the rule.

Warning: If you haven’t watched it yet Spider-Man: There’s no way home and don’t want to encounter any spoilers, stop reading now.

So about that box, the big puzzle that Spider-Man and Doctor Strange are scrambling for? In another dimensional kaleidoscope mirror ‘Sentence? Turns out there’s a simplified back story for theatrical release. It even has a name, The Machina de Kadavus, which refers to an original Marvel Comics comic book series co-production between Wallcrawler and the Bronze Age Master of Occult Arts from the comics’ Bronze Age.

In a new interview with Before and after, Framestore visual effects supervisor Adrien Saint Girons, who contributed VFX to the film, spoke about Machina de Kadavus and the design team’s journey in creating the magical artifact. “Strangely, it’s one of those things that we spent a lot of time on. You wouldn’t think so, but it’s a very time consuming process. Girons said. “Yes the whole plot about it which was ultimately simplified. ”

The box used in the filming was markedly different from the box ending on screen, with the actors using a green box that would later be digitally rendered into the final design. According to Girons, “The way the box works has really changed over the life of the project. The general idea has always been that it’s something Strange is dealing with and sending these people back to their world. But in this case, in the end, it was to contain the spell that went wrong. So it has a bit of a hybrid and transformative role in that sense. “


Girons confirmed that Machina is something of a “Macguffin” in the movie but at the same time quite integral to the film itself. “This is an important part of the movie. I enjoyed that design process, it was tedious, considering how long it took. A lot of thought and energy went into it, and I think it just made it feel more real. ”

Although the plot of the box was not included in the final installment, longtime comic readers can draw their own conclusions from the title itself. In the traditional Marvel Comics storyline, The Crystal of Kadavus is a skull-shaped crystal first encountered in the pages of 1974. Marvel lineup #21 features none other than Spider-Man and Doctor Strange. The evil mage Xandu casts a spell on Web-Slinger to force him to steal the Crystal from Strange’s Sanctum Sanctorum. Xandu then uses the crystal to re-energize his Watoomb Wand before the two heroes defeat him. The Watoomb wand has appeared in the MCU before, making a small appearance in the first Doctor Strange movie.

There’s no word yet on whether we’ll see the final installment of Machina or, given the current state of the Marvel Multiverse, whether it will be seen in another installment of Phase Four or after. Are not. Fans will have their next chance to follow it when Doctor Strange in Madness’ Multiverse premieres in theaters in May. No Way Home Prop has a deeper history


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