No Way Home makes Spider-Man the best trilogy in the MCU

Kevin Feige, the head of Marvel Studios, is a big fan of the trilogy genre. Telling episodic cinematic stories in three parts is one of the many ways to Star Wars saga has influenced the MCU. From Iron Man to Captain America to Thor, Feige et al. have generally stuck to the trilogy tradition with their superhero solo adventures. The Avengers The series is technically a quartet, but Infinity War and Endgame are essentially two parts of the same story (and were even billed as such in early development), so it has that familiar “beginning, middle, and end” feel. a movie trilogy.


Until recently, the MCU didn’t have any perfect trilogy. All of the franchise’s previous trilogies have been marred by at least one weakness that plagued the entire series. Age of Ultron by far the weakest Avengers movie, which serves as too much of a stepping stone between other MCU projects to really destroy the apocalyptic threat of its typical cybernetic villain. Before Russos revamped the character of Captain America’s dull goody-two-pair shoes in Winter Warriors and civil war, First Avenger begins Cap’s solo trilogy with a shared superhero adventure. The Iron Man the trilogy got off to a great start with one of the best comic book movies ever made, but Iron Man 2 there’s a plot to overstuff it focus more on universe building than character development and Iron Man 3 takes a furiously controversial turn when it is revealed that the fearsome terrorist leader’s arch-nemesis Tony Stark is a brashly dressed idiot actor.

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The MCU had no trouble landing with any of its trilogies until a few weeks ago. The resounding success of Spider-Man: There’s no way home reinforced Jon Watts’ Spiderman trilogy is Marvel Studios’ first truly great indie trilogy. Come home, Away from homeand There is no way home are all powerful films that tie together like a three-part story of their own. The audience can clearly Follow the journey of Peter Parker From a young, innocent superhero to a seasoned, capable, and unlucky criminal Iron Man 2 or Thor: Dark World to scroll down the reviews.

Iron Man and Spider-Man fly over New York in Spider-Man Homecoming

With There is no way home, Jon Watts became the first director to watch an MCU solo trilogy until the very end. The Russo Brothers Inherited Captain America film by Joe Johnston, Jon Favreau directed the first and second part Iron Man film but lags behind the third part, and Love and Thunder will make Taika Waititi first director back in a second God of thunder movie. James Gunn will follow in Watts’ footsteps with Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 – and Ryan Coogler and Destin Daniel Cretton are sticking with Black Panther and Shang-Chi franchise, respectively – but Watts made MCU history with his direction There is no way home.

Are from Come home arrive Away from home arrive There is no way homeMCU’s Spiderman Movies are always guided by a singular vision. One of the main Problem with Star Wars sequel trilogy are switching hands between directors. The result is, Episode VII arrive IX include opposing views: JJ Abrams embraces nostalgia, while Rian Johnson takes a more deconstructive approach to the past. Not like USD, Matrix, Beforeand Lord of the Rings trio, it’s hard to look at Iron Man, Captain Americaand God of thunder The trilogy is a complete eight-hour work of three interconnected chapters, worked on by different filmmakers with their own ideas along the way.

MCU’s Spiderman trio no? a traditional three part story by all means, but Watts led the trilogy from start to finish. He treats each film as its own entity, but he’s always kept an eye on how the MCU’s Peter Parker has evolved as a character and what he can learn from those. his past experiences in entering new conflicts. Come home, Away from homeand There is no way home each comes up with their own indie adventures, but they’ll also support if fans see them as a continuity as a complete work (unlike the other Marvel trilogy).

Peter Parker talking to Quentin Beck on the rooftop in Spider-Man Far From Home

Every movie in Watts’ Spiderman The trilogy has its own identity. Come home is a John Hughes-style school comedy; Away from home like a super powerful version of National Lampoon’s European Vacation; and There is no way home is a fictional fable by Frank Capra-esque. Each tells their own independent story. But there’s also a strong emotional circuit that connects all three films (and not just using the word “home” in all of their titles). Peter constantly has to pay for his mistakes. In the spectacular finale that wraps these stand-up stories, Peter makes up for those mistakes in heroic style.

Like every middle chapter of the great trilogy – The Empire Strikes Back, The Lord of the Rings: Two Towers, Reload Matrix, Back to the Future Part IIAway from home ends with a devastating spoiler: The Daily Bug reveals Peter’s identity to the public. This setting There is no way home become kind Endgame-final dimensions that the MCU doesn’tAvengers Franchise is rarely enjoyed. Once again, Peter makes a fatal mistake, but this time, it has multiverse consequences. He asked Doctor Strange to brainwash the world to forget he existed, then forged the spell being used and inadvertently invited in. enemies and self from parallel universespaving the way for familiar characters from Sam Raimi and Marc Webb’s Spiderman The movie will appear in the MCU.

Doctor Strange knocks Spidey's consciousness out of his body in Spider-Man No Way Home

By all accounts, There is no way home It’s an idea that shouldn’t have been done. This is easily the most ambitious franchise crossover of all time, as three distinct versions of the same hero join forces to fend off their previous two generations of villains. A trio of Spider-Man trying to reclaim their movie gallery to return to the universe of movies they came from may have disappeared in the meta hole. But Watts made it work great. There is no way home do not use its multiverse antics as a crutch to avoid actual storytelling. Watts uses all the resources at his disposal to fill the film with an emotional ending and give the audience the ultimate feeling.

The live-action Spider-Man may be a cheap gimmick, but There is no way home avoid that label with classic It’s a wonderful life– inspirational parable about giving second chances and making wishes carefully. Season three could slide if it doesn’t focus on Holland’s Spidey. If Watts is passionate about doing There is no way home a version of Spiderman 4 and Spider-Man 3, it might be too messy and disjointed. Benevolent, director still focused on Holland’s Peter Parker and his journey even as the story turns into a frenzied self-perception experiment in blockbuster fan service. With his sights set squarely on Holland’s Spidey and his most meaningful relationships, There is no way home is the perfect ending to a story that begins with Come home.

Much as There is no way home much like the end of Spidey’s journey in the MCU, it also acts as a lighthearted reboot for the franchise setting up a whole new journey. All of Peter’s friends have forgotten who he is and he can no longer rely on Aunt May or Stark Industries, so he’ll end up becoming the self-sufficient guy seen in the comics. Had rumor of a new one Spiderman trilogy of works in the MCU and later There is no way homeIts ending provides a true origin story for this incarnation of Spidey, a new trilogy that brings him back to his roots that sounds unbelievable.

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