No, ‘Cowboy Bebop,’ I don’t care about Vicious and Julia

Netflix‘NS Cowboy Bebop endeavors to bring the iconic characters of the popular animated series to life. John Cho color in every shade of gray in Spike Spiegel’s heart. Mustafa Shakir Jet Black’s warm growl nails and Papa Bear’s energy. Daniella Pineda throw yourself into the strength and vulnerability of Faye Valentine. And Ein the corgi is played by a real damn dog. One of Cowboy BebopThe movie’s biggest strength is the way it focuses on what makes the characters tick, but it’s also one of the film’s most dangerous weaknesses.

Netflix’s Cowboy Bebop care too much about the villain Vicious (Alex Hassell) and femme fatale Julia (Elena Satine). In the anime, Vicious and Julia are mysteries from Spike’s past, driving his decisions and haunting his nightmares. They are used sparingly in storytelling and to a devastating degree. In the live action version, they are said to take up more time Bebop Realistic gang bounty hunting missions. There is an attempt to make Vicious pitiable, if irretrievable, and turn Julia into a complicated schemer. Neither option worked, thanks to the amusing styling and poor performance.

Cowboy Bebop seems to think I care about Vicious and Julia and the problem is that I really don’t. However, that doesn’t matter, because Cowboy Bebop the show wants to push these characters down my throat every now and then. Netflix’s Cowboy Bebop plagued by many flaws, but its uncanny obsession with Vicious and Julia is the worst.

Cowboy Bebop Set in an interstellar future that looks more like the Wild West than 2001: A Space Odyssey. Bounty hunters known as “cowboys” zip from planet to planet, moon to moon, and to every satellite in between in pursuit of dangerous criminals. Spike Spiegel is one such cowboy. When we first meet Spike, he’s teamed up with former cop Jet Black. Apparently one reason why Spike is so tight-lipped about his own past is that he served as an assassin for the Syndicate, a brutal criminal empire. The other reason was that the man had broken his damn heart.

Fierce Fighting and Spike in Cowboy Bebop
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Final, Cowboy Bebop Season 1 spends the final episode taking us back to Spike’s life as the assassin, “Fearless”. He’s best friends with his arch-nemesis Vicious and worse, a ponytail. Fearless is the best assassin the Syndicate has. He has a cool head in a crisis, a devastating killing ability, and is amazingly not a social killer. (You would think that qualities would ultimately prevent him from a life of such extravagant criminal activity, but alas, he was raised in this world.) Only if Fearless and Vicious had to. Falling in love with the same girl, Julia, Fearless’s life just fell apart. Vicious believes he has taken down his romantic rival, but Fearless survives the murder plot, only to be reborn as the Spike Spiegel we know and love.

Here’s the thing: nothing in that last paragraph is really important to your success Cowboy Bebop. Crucially, Spike Spiegel is a bounty hunter with a broken heart of gold and a mysterious past. What matters is what happens in real time on Bebop. The show is not all about Spike Spiegel, but about the family found to appear when 5 lost souls – Spike, Jet, Faye, Progressive Edward, and the dog Ein – come together. Indeed Netflix’s Cowboy Bebop is best when the gang just… hanged. When they get to work together for a common goal. Cowboy Bebop worst when it haunts the past of the characters.

Unfortunately, Cowboy Bebop Keep trying to make Vicious and Julia happen. If Cowboy Bebop The end of season 1 is any indication, showrunners have no intention of stopping at a potential second. So we have to put up with Vicious and Julia. Vicious, a crazy loser to a man with terrible hair, and Julia, a beautiful girl who puts herself first at all costs. The great characters you have there, Cowboy Bebop. And by “great characters”, I mean great characters that I personally hate.

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