Nintendo’s partnership with Panda Global could be the turning point for Super Smash Bros.

Play one Super Smash Bros. Competitive games have always attracted some degree of participation in the grassroots fighting game community. Whether at a local level against players in the same city or state, at a regional level against multiple states, or at a major tournament with international talent, there are opportunities all over the world. USA (and world) to play in tournaments. Unlike traditional fighters like Street fighter or Tekken, where there is a lot to be gained by brooding online or sitting in the training room, the best experience when playing Smash Competition is often experienced through tournaments. However, Nintendo rarely supports these grassroots tournaments.


Normally, Nintendo has hosted its own casual tournaments during major industry events or online, but most professional players are more used to the competition-friendly format. . Major tournaments, and more recently tournaments, have been dedicated to their own efforts by various e-sports organizations, even partnering with Twitch. However, Nintendo rarely sponsors events for Super Smash Bros. tournaments outside of its own factory, and even when certain events like CEO or Genesis are co-sponsored by Nintendo, it’s no more than endorsement. However, that could change with Panda Global’s new 2022 circuit.

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The History of Panda Global with Super Smash Bros.

Panda Global is an e-sports organization with the participation of many fighting game communities, with sponsored players for Street fighter, Guilty Gear, Dragon Ball FighterZ, and many other games over the years. Before expanding into many other fighting games, speed games and other game communities, the team started sponsoring some of the best games. Super Smash Bros. player. ESAM, MVD and (formerly) SS joined the team Smash represent, as well as take home EVO Filipino Champ winners for a few years.

While Panda Global has since expanded its reach into various aspects of competitive gaming, it all started with Super Smash Bros. This is why the company directly signed an agreement with Nintendo, to sponsor a brand new tournament for Super Smash Bros., was a landmark moment. All in all, Nintendo has always maintained an important distance from grassroots tournament organizers in Super Smash Bros. competitive community. Even when events are sponsored by Twitch and players are sponsored by major esports teams like C9 or Team Liquid, Nintendo rarely publicly admits it. Smashcompetitive scene.

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Nintendo Backing Competitive Super Smash Bros. are promising


Up until 2015, some of the biggest tournaments were entirely organized and sponsored by die-hard fans. Unlike other great fighting games like Street fighter, supported by the Capcom Pro Tour, the professional league of Super Smash Bros. never received the same treatment. Major tournament chains like Genesis, Pound, Apex, ROM (Revival of Melee), The Big House, Super Smash Con and many more wouldn’t exist without the fan community behind them. Even the Smash World Tour, the premier competitive tournament Super Smash Bros. tournament circuit, without the necessary backing or financial backing to survive until 2020/2021.

Nintendo has co-sponsored Super Smash Bros. limited number of tournaments before, but to co-sponsor the entire tournament for 2022 is a big step for the company. Making this announcement in November suggests that, this time, things could be very different when Nintendo partnered with Panda Global. While the intricacies of this partnership have yet to be revealed, it’s clearly a big step forward. maybe very promising for Super Smash Bros. competitive scene. Let Nintendo proactively recognize Super Smash Bros., and even more surprising Super Smash Bros. Super Smash Bros.competitive scene, is unprecedented.

In the past, Nintendo has tended to stifle the competitive development of Super Smash Bros. as an officially supported e-sport. There are many examples of this throughout Nintendo’s history; like when? Nintendo has ordered the cessation and cancellation of The Big House Online Super Smash Bros. Super Smash Bros. league for “intellectual property piracy” issues, regarding the use of Slippi to facilitate online SSBM Tournaments. Project Slippi, the only online alternative to organizing Super Smash Bros. Super Smash Bros. online tournaments during the Covid-19 pandemic, considered a threat to Nintendo’s IP. Many fans have reacted negatively to Nintendo for the cancellation of the tournaments.

To officially license a tournament circuit, for both compete Super Smash Bros. Game with cash prizes to winners, is a sign that things may be changing. While some top players and commentators have expressed caution with this announcement based on the past, it’s still a very exciting prospect for fans and pro competitors alike. . Panda Global has been a reliable mainstay of Super Smash Bros. The community has been competitive since it was founded in 2015. With Nintendo confidently backing Panda Global, it’s clear that this upcoming tournament circuit in 2022 could be the start of a competitive landscape. recovery for Super Smash Bros.

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