Nintendo Switch should borrow 3DS StreetPass functionality

To incentivize and reward handheld gaming, the Nintendo Switch may have borrowed the versatile StreetPass functionality from the 3DS.

Nintendo 3DS user's Mii offers some Mii from StreetPass in Mii Plaza

The Nintendo Switch turns 5 years old in 2022, but it still has a certain charm to distinguish it from other consoles. A few years ago, a gaming platform that acted as both a portable handheld and a home console would have been unthinkable, but Nintendo has dreamed again. The Switch It may not be as powerful as the Xbox Series X or PlayStation 5, but its portability makes it a great device for long road trips, long commutes, etc. Its modular design makes the Switch a become a worthy successor to Nintendo’s parallel lines of handhelds and home consoles.


However, one wonders if the Switch can borrow more from Nintendo handhelds like the 3DS. While the Switch is easy to transport and plays games smoothly in handheld mode, it doesn’t do much to encourage handheld gaming. The Nintendo 3DS is notoriously good at motivating fans to use it in large part thanks to StreetPass, where players can earn rewards and play mini-games after beating other users. Not having any more features similar to StreetPass seems like a missed opportunity for the Switch, otherwise it’s a really powerful console.

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Remembering StreetPass on the 3DS

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StreetPass is a simple yet effective way for 3DS users to make short connections. As long as one’s 3DS is on, it will detect nearby players and send notifications. This user detection system has found its way into quite a few 3DS games. For example, in Strong default, new citizens will move to Norende Village whenever a player has a StreetPass, which gives players more to assign tasks to when rebuilding Norende. Systems like these make players feel rewarded for using their 3DS while they’re out and about.

Nintendo provides built-in How to interact with StreetPass, even if 3DS users don’t own any games with StreetPass functionality. In Mii Plaza, 3DS users can meet Miis of other 3DS users they have tagged. Each Mii can help the player through a series of fun mini-games, such as the simple Find Mii role-playing game and Swap puzzles. Mii Plaza doesn’t give players a means to make friends with each other, but that’s never the case. StreetPass simply allows Nintendo fans to feel connected, even if they’ve never actually met and talked.

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Add StreetPass to Convert

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Considering how much StreetPass offers the 3DS, it’s surprising that the Switch doesn’t have any similar functionality. Tons of Switch games could have benefited from StreetPass functionality; Super Smash Bros. may have rewarded Spirits for the StreetPass Card; Sword Pokemon and Shield could have given the player a bonus item; and such. An upgraded Mii Plaza on Switch would also be nice. Nintendo continues to use Miis as a player-created avatar in certain games, so a Mii Plaza app appearing as part of the Nintendo Switch won’t go out of style.

In theory, it shouldn’t be too late to bring StreetPass to Switch. The functionality works on local Wi-Fi, so it could be added as part of a major Switch update. General, The switch is probably too old to add this functionality and make it a significant selling point. Too many games have missed the opportunity to use StreetPass, and the Switch may not be old enough to really unleash the true potential of the functionality. Hopefully Nintendo hasn’t forgotten about StreetPass entirely and will eventually make it back in some other Nintendo console, whether it’s a purely handheld like the 3DS or a modular console. another will follow in Switchfootsteps of.

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