Nintendo needs to capitalize on Waluigi’s popularity

Waluigi has a long presence online, and that level of popularity means it’s time for Nintendo to give Waluigi its own game to star in.

Waluigi holds a tennis racket, striking and sparkling poses in Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash

The Super Mario The universe may not be built around a single cohesive story, but it’s packed with interesting characters nonetheless. The unwelcome Mario and the anxious Luigi create contrasting fun, while Bowser serves as a mighty but sometimes comical villain to battle them out. Super Mario However, the multiplayer games do the best job of representing the many characters that inhabit the Mushroom Kingdom. These are games where we can often compare the rarer characters with each other and take a more casual look at their personalities and roles in the franchise, such as Wario, Princess Daisy and Of course, Waluigi.


Waluigi is, of course, the oddest man in this world. Unlike his peers, Waluigi was created specifically to take part in party games—namely, he was created as a duel partner for Wario in Mario Tennis for N64. To date, he has not been given the chance to star in his own game. This is in contrast to Waluigi’s widespread popularity online. Is not Super Mario character who holds the same meme powers as Waluigi, whose flamboyant personality and actions have garnered a lot of fans. By now Nintendo certainly knows how much people love Waluigi, so it should at least try to make a game based on this. Super Mario poor.

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Waluigi .’s passionate fan base

Waluigi’s support cannot be underestimated. While not everyone liked this self-proclaimed rival to Luigi when he first appeared 20 years ago, he now has a large fan base that wants to see him succeed. For example, many people claim that Waluigi appears in Super Smash Bros. was a playable fighter, but unfortunately he was just relegated to Victory Support as usual. Others have even gone so far as to create Waluigi fan games, such as the popular game Psycho Waluigi, where Waluigi sets foot in a land called Unconcia and sets out to conquer its kingdoms using his new-found psychic powers.

Despite all the support for the character, Nintendo simply didn’t let Waluigi play a game. He can be a villain in a few Super Mario side story and serves as a playable character in the franchise, such as Mario Party and Mario Kart, There hasn’t been a specific game about Waluigi yet. That is in contrast to his best friend Wario, who has achieved a lot of success with the Wario Land and WarioWare Franchising. Waluigi’s Internet fame makes him ripe for a new lead role Super Mario spinoff. The odds are good, simply because they love him so much, Waluigi fans are sure to try any game about him, no matter what genre Nintendo drops him into.

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Potential Waluigi Game

The most obvious candidate for a Waluigi game is simply a background of some sort. A 2D platformer that will appeal to fans of the mainstream Super Mario game and it can also act as a spiritual successor to Wario Land if it borrows some of its mechanics, focus on puzzle solving and exploration. A creative background on Waluigi in his own journey can be as successful as Waluigi Psychology. Alternatively, Nintendo can rely on its party game identity and create Waluigi Tennis. A new one Mario Tennis game where Waluigi is the main character of the story mode and somehow impacts all other modes of the game would be a pretty funny way to celebrate his introduction to the game. Super Mario and its overarching legacy.

Waluigi doesn’t have to be the new star of Super Mario franchise, but Nintendo should definitely give him more credit. Although it may not consider Waluigi an important part of the Mushroom Kingdom, there are many Super Mario the fans out there who feel different. Making a Waluigi game would be a great way for Nintendo to connect with Super Mario fan base, and that could also be a breath of fresh air for the franchise. Waluigi deserves attention once, and neither he nor his fans will complain if Nintendo gives him the opportunity to do so.

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