NFL Wisconsin Native pays all funeral expenses of Waukesha . victims

Six people died as a result of Sunday’s attack at a Christmas parade in Waukesha, Wisconsin. A familiar NFL star and Wisconsin native has now offered a gesture to help the families of those victims as they heal.

“JJ Watt is taking care of the funeral expenses for all those killed in the Waukesha Christmas Parade,” Wisconsin journalist Cory Jennerjohn wrote on Twitter. “It was an incredible gesture. He has such a big heart.”

Watt was born in Waukesha and play soccer at Pewaukee High School, Fox News reported. He then attended the University of Wisconsin, where he developed into an ultimate defensive star who would eventually become a first-round NFL draft pick.


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On the field, Watt has found a lot of success for himself. He’s a five-time Pro Bowl player and the only player in NFL history to score 20 or more sacks in multiple seasons, Arizona Sports reported.

With that said, Watt is almost universally known for his off-field achievements. Based on Bleacher Report, he won the Walter Payton Man of the Year Award, an award given to a player annually for excellence both on and off the pitch, for the 2017-18 season.

After Hurricane Harvey in 2017, Watt raised $37 million for the victims of the storm, the Bleacher Report noted. After winning the award, he said charity work for him is even more important than his football career.

“Everything you do on the field [pales] compared to what you do off the pitch,” he said. “And at the end of my life, if I’m remembered as a footballer and a good footballer, and that’s all I’m remembered for, then I’ve done a terrible job of my life. .”

After the attack happened, Watt posted a message of encouragement on Twitter to anyone affected by the tragedy.

“Just seeing what happened at the homecoming holiday parade in Waukesha tonight,” he said. “Horrifying images. Really hope everyone is okay and those not involved are safe now. Thank you to everyone who rushed into action and helped the injured.”


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As of Wednesday, Fox News reported that six people had died as a result of the attack. The dead were 81-year-old Wilhelm Hospel, 79-year-old Virginia Sorenson, 71-year-old LeAnna Owen, 52-year-old Tamara Durand, 52-year-old Jane Kulich and 8-year-old Jackson Sparks.

While any unwarranted loss of life is tragic, Sunday’s massacre was particularly heartbreaking due to the circumstances. In a statement posted to Twitter by WDJT reporter Kristen Barbaresi, the Milwaukee district attorney said the suspect, Darrell Brooks, Shouldn’t have gone out that day.

Brooks is said to have applied for bail on two separate occasions this calendar year, and the second time just days before Sunday’s attack.

Should Brooks go to jail?

On November 11, 2021, Brooks filed a $1,000 bail for charges including reckless conduct, endangerment, obstruction of an officer, and felony bail jump. Just a few months earlier, he had posted $500 bail on separate charges after his initial bid of $10,000 was lowered because the state was unable to provide a speedy trial.

Based on that history, the DA said the $1,000 bail posted on November 11 was “inappropriate”.

“The bail recommendation in this case is not consistent with the Milwaukee County District Attorney’s Office’s approach to matters involving violent crime, nor is it consistent with the defendant’s risk prior to placing the order. Guarantee money.”

Sadly, this failure at the state government level has resulted in six unnecessary deaths. While the pain their family feels will take a long time to heal, Watt’s gesture is a great way to help start that healing process. NFL Wisconsin Native pays all funeral expenses of Waukesha . victims

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