NFL insider note: AFC North rule normality, plus Josh McDaniels on head coach’s radar again

Please, someone, tell me what to create AFC North. Are all these teams good? None of them? Just mildly trivial (like many tournaments)?

I can’t figure it out myself.

But this is for sure – none of these teams seem likely to run away from this division, and it may just get more participants from here as we head into a stretch where Ravens, Brown, Bengali and Steelsmith actually began to respond with more frequent frequency. In this mess department, sometimes not playing at all is the best thing possible. Because in Week 10, the Bengal (5-4) team – who had to say goodbye to two consecutive losses – proved better than anyone else, when the Raven team (6-3) was suffocated by bad things. Dolphin, the Browns (5-5) won 45 straight points in a humiliating defeat to New England, and the Steelers (5-3-1) somehow conspired to be indecisive. Lion to complete a brutal football match that lasted 70 minutes, resulting in a 16-16 draw.

We know at least one of these teams will be in post-season, but do we believe two or more? How is it possible that whenever there’s a chance that one of these teams can step up, and make a real statement, no one else does? If nothing else, Week 10 is yet another reminder of how successful this league can be, and it’s clear that serious flaws remain for all of these teams as we head in. knockout round.

The Ravens allowed the 30th defense to beat them with pretty much every second drop and third, they made no adjustments, their defense continued to surrender to big play after the big game and they did suffocated 10/22 on Thursday night at its lowest. the output of Lamar Jackson era. But we are just getting started. Northern AFC has more people coming.

The Browns looked great in the opening game, taking a 7-0 lead after the game. Then the defeat begins. NS Patriots double Baker Mayfieldtight finish and he starts to overturn the ball. New England combined four 90-yard goals (including a 99-yard player) and systematically destroyed Browns players on both sides of the ball. This looks like a bad high school game with one way output.

The Patriots took a 24-7 lead in the inning, went up against Cleveland 247-91, held the ball for 19 and a half for the final 25 minutes of that half, and vacated the Browns in the third down. Mayfield was dropped from another game, posting a 56.3 rating in the process, Patriots QB rookie Mac Jones left in garbage time with near-perfect ratings (142.1) and they are far behind 452-217. Finding a way to get Mayfield through this season at best can be difficult and this team has failed to generate any momentum this season.

And the Steelers ended the group stage game this weekend with perhaps the strangest result. Mason Rudolph was an unfortunate failure to fill in Ben Roethlisberger with the future Hall of Fame on the COVID-19 roster and even though Lions QB Jared Goff Even worse, the Steelers couldn’t muster a single point more than the Fired Lions of Pittsburgh. With constant changes and lack of discipline, the Steelers were quite lucky not to lose. Rudolph threw 4.8 yards per attempt, his accuracy and decision-making abilities questioned and the Steelers defense praised for allowing Detroit to surge 229 yards, including one with a goal. nothing more than 5 runs (85 yards) and one failure to finish. pass, including a 42-yard TD equal to the converted safety.

Yeah, it’s really that bad in AFC North.

And it makes the messy AFC even harder to figure out as we get closer to Thanksgiving. If nothing else, I would not have eliminated the Bengals immediately, and I would not be in a hurry to crown any of these teams.

Josh McDaniels is back on the head coach’s radar

Expect to hear a lot about Josh McDaniels next month as the head coach carousel begins to buzz. He’s doing elite stuff bringing in Mac Jones with him as passer, and the Patriots’ range of offenses has expanded exponentially since September.

Nothing gets owners more excited and preoccupied than bringing in a rookie defender, and we all know McDaniels have had the chance to leave New England in the past. In a year without many hot new names popping up, I expect McDaniels to have plenty of interest. The Patriots, who quickly reconfigured their offensive line, now have a balanced attack and Jones doesn’t come easily.

After a slow start, the Patriots have won 4 in a row and 5/7 and are playing better at home again and it won’t be easy from here on out. They have a great defense in the playoffs and the game is going very loud. Be careful.

Other Notes of Week 10

  • NS Mike White exaggeration is fun, but Sunday resists Receipt is ugly. High passes, broken passes and too much heat from a Buffalo defense could be the best of the game NFL. After four picks, you can rest assured that the top pick Zach Wilson will be back there as soon as his knee allows, for better or worse.
  • Talking about better, Dak Prescott improved markedly in Week 10, after it became apparent that he himself did not return from a calf injury. That offense happened on all fronts from the start, and Atlanta was pretty much dropped in the second quarter.
  • It is hard to imagine that the first overall selection in NFL Drafts could complete three out of 14 passes in a 36-yard football half, but that’s what happened to Trevor Lawrence and Jaguar on Sunday. Though, Colts‘ somehow let Jacksonville get on with a game a lot closer than it should have been.
  • Welcome back to the NFL, Orange Newton. It’s unlikely anyone has seen his quick start and immediate impact on Panthers coming, but that team is definitely more fun and exciting to have him on the field than it has been without him for a long time.
  • In a season where everyone else seems to be looking to lose to an underdog team at least every few weeks, Titan continue to stand out. They’ve been pretty perfect ever since they lost first Jet plane, and guts and ready to keep Saints on Sunday. Mike Vrabel could be the NFL Coach of the Year.
  • The 1 p.m. ET window once again showcases some real deviant ball games. Of the seven early starts, four are the total losses (Cowboys 43-3 is over Eagle; Patriots 45-7 on the Browns; Invoice 45-17 for Jets). | NFL insider note: AFC North rule normality, plus Josh McDaniels on head coach’s radar again


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