NFL coach humbly praises God after biggest win of the season

The Indianapolis Colts hit a claimed win Sunday over the heavily touted Buffalo Bills, who were favored with 7 points. Immediately after the win, head coach Frank Reich recalled who helped him and the team get to that point.

“Some people know our team used the metaphor of climbing Everest to parallel our mission to the top,” he said after the game. “And it didn’t take long to realize that this metaphor doesn’t just apply to football.

“Rather, it could be a picture of the many challenges we all face, right? We all face the mountains we are trying to climb.”


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As Reich continued, he made it clear that his speech was not just about a dramatic Colts victory. It was his chance to spread the good news about Jesus.

Based on Buffalo News, Reich recited the lyrics of “In Christ Alone” as a player for the Bills following a 1993 playoff comeback win over the Houston Oilers. That 32-yard return is still the biggest win from behind in NFL history.

Nearly three decades later, after another big win, Reich saw an opportunity to share trust once again.

“The reason I do it here and now is because almost 30 years ago after a really big game down the hall during a press conference, I shared lyrics that mean a lot to me. me,” said Reich.

Do Reich’s words encourage you?

“It really speaks to where my strength comes from. The song is ‘In Christ Alone,’ and was written by Shawn Craig. … It might encourage someone who is climbing their own mountain right now. ”

Reich went on to re-read the lyrics, which read: “I alone in Christ, I put my trust, and I found my glory in the power of the cross. In every victory tell of me that my source of strength and hope is Christ alone. ”

He said his personal favorite line comes from the song’s second verse and says, “I seek no greater honor than just to know him better.”

Instead of using the Colts’ biggest win of the season to accumulate praise about himself and his leadership, he turned praise back to God.


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“Although it was almost 30 years ago when I read those words in this stadium, this week I was reminded Hebrews 13:8 that says, ‘Jesus Christ yesterday, today and always will be.’

Reich is no stranger to sharing his faith. After his playing career ended in 1998, he became more involved in the Reformed Theological Seminary, according to Gospel Alliance.

He was eventually appointed president of the RTS’ Charlotte, North Carolina, school, a position he held for three years. In the end, he said, he’s come to realize that he’s more of a “teacher and coach” than an administrator.

He served for a short time pastor, but he told TGC that he doesn’t feel like that’s his calling either. So he went back to the game he knew so well.

“If shepherding isn’t what I’m called and it’s not a coincidence that God gave me a football career, then I guess I should make an impact in that arena in any way. possible,” he said.

Starting a coaching career at the age of 45 is not an easy task. According to TGC, Reich had to start his coaching career as a lowly Colts intern.

But Reich’s natural talent began to shine and led to a promotion to assistant offensive coach. He later became a quarterback coach, during which time he coached NFL Hall of Famer Peyton Manning.

Reich has served as an assistant coach in Arizona, San Diego and Philadelphia. He was the Eagles offensive coordinator when they won Super Bowl in 2018.

That success brought Reich back to Indianapolis, where he made his head coach debut for the Colts in 2018. When he tried to win another Super Bowl as head coach this time, he did. We still haven’t lost the person who gave us strength. NFL coach humbly praises God after biggest win of the season

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