Newsmax harbors gun lobbyist who blames Uvalde shooting on gun control

Right-wing cable channel Newsmax invited a gun lobbyist on Thursday morning not only to rail against gun safety measures following the horrific Uvalde school massacre, but also to specifically blame gun control for the mass shooting that killed 19 children.

With Democrats, gun safety advocates and the vast majority of Americans now pushing for reform measures in the wake of this recent school shooting, conservatives have scrambled to find alternative solutions — no matter how crazy — that never seem to involve embarking on the legislation. Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) and other Republicans, for example, have actually removed door control to stop mass shootings.

Appears on Thursday mornings at Newsmax National ReportErich Pratt, senior vice president of Gun Owners of America, called it “absolutely disgusting” that President Joe Biden and other Democrats are “pushing for gun control” and “raising money from dead children to further their cause.”

What Pratt left out is that his organization, which bills itself as “the only hard-line gun lobby in Washington,” is calling on its members to “act” because the “anti-gun left is using the TX tragedy to bolster itself.” hide. Gun Republicans.”

Pratt, who recently railed against “elected politicians” using the Buffalo supermarket shooting “to attack the rights of law-abiding citizens,” insisted that tightened gun safety laws were actually responsible for shootings in Chicago and elsewhere.

“More than 40 people were shot in Chicago this month, but they’re not raising money for that because Chicago has very strict gun control,” he snorted. “Any gun control proposals that they come up with, Chicago has adopted. So raising money for what’s going on in Chicago doesn’t serve their cause.”

In addition, he pointed to mass casualty events involving cars and trucks, such as the Waukesha Christmas parade or the 2016 Nice attack, claiming that a “murderer can use any tool to commit mass murder” and that this “Short-sighted” would ban guns because they “won’t keep an evil, determined heart from killing.”

The longtime gun lobbyist then specifically targeted existing Texas gun laws as the reason why a teenage gunman, armed with hundreds of rounds of ammunition, could mow down an entire classroom of children.

Instead, according to Pratt, a gun lobbyist, the solution is more guns.

“The left demands gun control, and yet gun control contributed to this mass shooting that we saw in Texas,” he explained. “81 percent of police officers agree teachers and staff should be armed. And with good reason, because there has never been a mass shooting involving armed teachers and staff at any school in this country. But tragically, that wasn’t the case at this school in Texas.”

In addition, he called for fewer “gun-free zones,” insisting that killers choose these targets because they “don’t want bullets being fired back at them” and they “love gun control,” adding that gun control “makes that possible.” Has”. killers in Texas.”

Newsmax anchor Emma Rechenberg gave Pratt almost no resistance during the seven-minute interview. At one point, she wondered if there were “any restrictions” on gun and ammo purchases that he could think of.

“You will never prevent evil-minded people from getting their hands on dangerous instruments, whether they be the cars, trucks or box cutters that killed three thousand people in hijackings on September 11,” he said in reply. “You won’t stop doing this.”

Rechenberg ended up agreeing with Pratt, even repeating his previous conversation in which he made a causal link between gun violence in big cities and those cities’ “extremely strict gun laws.”

Meanwhile, at the National Rifle Association’s annual convention this weekend in Texas, all firearms will be banned when former President Donald Trump delivers his speech. Newsmax harbors gun lobbyist who blames Uvalde shooting on gun control


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