Newly Seen Photos Show Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell as ‘Best Friends’

When Feds raid Jeffrey Epstein’s Manhattan mansion In 2019, they unearthed a series of evidence including CD covers containing tens of thousands of photos.

Several never-before-seen images – released this week by federal prosecutors – depict the happier days of the late sex trafficker’s romance with his alleged accomplice, British social site Ghislaine Maxwell, who is accused of helping him grooming and abuse four teenage girls from 1994 to 2004.

The exhibits contain several snapshots showing Maxwell rubbing Epstein’s feet, apparently on his private jet. Other photos show the couple kissing or hugging, riding motorbikes, lounging on the patio and relaxing outside what appears to be a cabin.

The hilarious pictures contrast the disturbing allegations against them: that over the years, Epstein sexually abused and raped multiple teenage girls after paying them for “massages.” and Maxwell allegedly acted as schedulers and recruiters. Prosecutors say she was an elderly woman who put these girls and their parents at ease, normalizing sexual abuse and sometimes engaging in it herself.


United States Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of New York

The government has described the couple’s alleged sex-trafficking business as a “pyramid scheme of abuse” where it encourages victims to bring in more daughters for them.

In the opening arguments in the case, assistant U.S. Attorney Lara Pomerantz told jurors that Epstein and Maxwell were a couple for many years, and when their relationship ended, in the defendant’s words, they are still best friends”. Maxwell, 59, “was Epstein’s closest associate and second-in-command,” Pomerantz added. “She was involved in every detail of Epstein’s life.”

On Tuesday, prosecutors revealed exhibits including Word documents found on hard drives at Epstein’s residence, some of which are believed to have been created by a user named “gmax.”

A document created in October 2002 appears to be a brilliant biography of Maxwell and Epstein as a couple. Stephen Flatley, an FBI analyst, read aloud excerpts of the computer file, but jurors received no further context about who wrote the files or why.

“Jeffrey and Ghislaine have been together, a couple for the past 11 years,” the document says. “They, contrary to what many people think, are rarely apart – I almost always see them together.”

“Ghislaine is a very intelligent person and a wonderful companion with a ready smile and an infectious voice who always puts people at ease and always makes one feel welcome,” the letter continued. customary.


United States Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of New York

“Jeffrey and Ghislaine have a lot in common and they have a lot of fun together. Both are keen seekers and eager to learn.”

The document concludes: “Jeffrey and Ghislaine complement each other really well and I cannot imagine one without the other. In addition to being great partners, they are also best friends.”


United States Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of New York

Prosecutors also presented photos of the interior of Epstein’s Manhattan townhouse in July 2019, when the FBI executed a search warrant.

Investigators discovered a white-clothed massage table, a safe containing cash, loose diamonds and passports, and a collection of CDs and hard drives — including some found along with “evidence” ice already on them.

Last Friday, jurors were also shown a roughly 40-minute video of Epstein’s Florida mansion taken by Palm Beach police during a 2005 search.

Gregory Parkinson, a retired Palm Beach cop and crime scene manager, testified about photos and video footage from inside Epstein’s lair, including in his master bedroom and bathroom. him, where the sexual abuse of a minor took place.


United States Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of New York

While the police video played, Parkinson described certain decorations in the mansion: pictures Epstein took with Fidel Castro, the former president of Cuba, and Pope John Paul II.

On Friday morning, the defense and the prosecution argued what other evidence could be presented to the court, including a collection of schoolgirl clothes found in Epstein’s Manhattan home on Feb. 2019 — eventually barred as evidence — and photos of unidentified children in the tycoon’s Palm Beach mansion were discovered in 2005.

Maxwell’s attorney, Christian Everdell, referred to the deplorable photographs before the jurors entered, describing an image of “a younger girl stripping her underwear to expose her ass” that Nathan had banned from judging. judge. He said the court also banned a photograph depicting “a toddler, an infant walking towards the camera with an adult in the background, naked” from being included as evidence.

At the time, Everdell said that the government and defense had failed to reach an agreement over a third photo showing Epstein “with a slightly older girl” who was likely “the goddaughter.” ” his. (Epstein reported as godfather come Daughter of his close friends, billionaire Glenn Dubin and his wife Eva Andersson-Dubin, Who has been dating? elusive money manager.)

“At this point, I believe it was the same girl as her lying on his lap with her butt — despite his panties, he had his head down near the bottom,” said Everdell. added.

Everdell told Nathan: “It shows him with a pre-pubescent girl. “There is no allegation that he or Ms. Maxwell, for that matter, had anything to do with pubescent women. I believe this is the little girl in the toddler photo. That’s his goddaughter.”

Assistant U.S. Attorney Maureen Comey noted that the photo of the girl pulling her underwear down was briefly captured in the watch-through video.

“Obviously it’s the main decoration outside the master bedroom [Maxwell] Epstein,” Comey said, later adding: “To enter that room, you have to go through an erotic photograph of a young girl. “ Newly Seen Photos Show Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell as ‘Best Friends’


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