Newly released records reveal what really happened in Epstein’s final moments

A new report from The New York Times provides insight into the final hours of notorious pedophile Jeffrey Epstein’s life before he allegedly committed suicide in his Manhattan cell while awaiting trial. for charges stemming from a minor sex-trafficking ring he is suspected of facilitating for many years.

Time convinced that the documents it obtained from a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit undermine the theory put forward by the public as well as Epstein’s family and attorneys that shady financier actually did not commit suicide.

But I’ll let you be the judge.

In the days leading up to his death, Epstein would tell psychologists in prison that he had a “wonderful life” and had much to live, that he was afraid of pain and was too “cowardly” to take your own life, and even went as far as to claim that his Jewish faith forbade him from doing so.

“I’m not interested in suicide,” he told one of the facility’s mental health workers, according to documents from the Bureau of Detention that were just released for the first time.


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“I wouldn’t do it to myself,” he said.

However, as the Times explains, the collection of notes, diaries and documents obtained by the paper paints a picture of a man growing increasingly depressed as he seems to have begun to reveal that he will never got out of jail. Early.

After a lifetime of manipulation, Mr. Epstein created the illusion to the very end, fooling correctional officers, counselors and specially trained inmates tasked with monitoring him around the clock,” the Times reported.

“The clues show too little action by prison and bureau officials who made mistake after mistake that led to Mr. Epstein’s death,” the filing reveals.

Do you believe Jeffrey Epstein committed suicide?

Epstein, as you may remember, was a good connection financier with a long and bad history of sex crimes and alleged juvenile sex trafficking.

Before his arrest in 2019, he was convicted of soliciting minors for prostitution in 2008.

In the years since, his notoriety has grown as stories continue to swirl that he had a habit of buying and selling underage girls to satisfy the needs of his wealthy friends. and his power, whom he would invite to his various lavish mansions in Manhattan, Palm Beach, and his own. A private island in the US Virgin Islands – Little St. James, or as the locals say it is called “Pedo Island”.

Rich and powerful friends reportedly include the likes of the former President Bill Clinton, Bill Gatesand of Great Britain Prince Andrew, though all deny anything other than a mere acquaintance with Epstein.

However, it was largely due to his high profile connections, almost immediately after news that the infamous billionaire was found lifeless in his cell on August 1, 2019, and after which is presumed to have died by suicide. “Jeffrey Epstein did not commit suicide” was born.


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The reason, of course, is because the American public generally believes that Epstein, well… didn’t really kill himself.

This theory has wide appeal, as leftists believe that the Trump administration has an interest in covering up Epstein’s crimes due to current President Donald Trump’s own loose relationship with the financier, the person on the right believes that Epstein has the ability to take down Pizzagate- avoid sex offenders in high places, and most people believe so when it comes to Clinton associates and “Suicide, ”There is good reason to suspect foul play.

However, it didn’t help much, the prison where Epstein died seems to have done so little to prevent the senior inmate from taking his own life, that it created “perfect storm of screw“Accordingly, he was supposed to be able to do so, as Attorney General William Barr said at the time.

If you’ve been following the scandal since day one, the Times report confirms some of the biggest concerns the public has about Epstein’s death, although the paper concludes that now it seems quite it’s clear that he really took it upon himself. life.

“The newly obtained records do not support the explosion of conspiracy theories that Mr. Epstein’s death was not a suicide,” it stated. “They also did not clear up questions from his brother and one of his lawyers that he may have been assisted to commit suicide. But they paint a picture of the incompetence and sloppiness of some in the Bureau of Prisons, which runs the federal detention center. “

You can say that again.

Epstein’s behavior, recorded by those who observed him, including his “inmate companion”, suggests a man who would occasionally chat cheerfully about famous friends and investments, at other times, sit sadly in bed, knees in hand.

He refused meals, complained about his prison conditions, and didn’t sleep well. He particularly had problems with a running toilet in his cell and had to wear an orange jumpsuit.

The report details multiple instances in which Epstein was recommended for psychological evaluation, but this was delayed or ignored altogether.

Epstein, by their estimates, was able to charm prison psychologists and specially trained inmates tasked with keeping an eye on him that he had no intention of ending their lives. himself, to the point where he was caught on the watch to commit suicide and, eventually, walk away. alone on the night that his life ended.

One psychologist wrote: “He said he was alive and planning to finish this case and get back to his normal life, although they suggested putting him on watch because” extreme caution”.

A strange and unexplained document included in the archives that the Bureau of Detention turned over to the Times as part of the settlement contained a sign that read, “MANAGEMENT ROLES MUST BE COMBINED EVERY 30 MINUTES ON EPSTEIN #76318-054 LIKE EVERY GOD!!! ! ”

“Required” is misspelled as well as underlined with a question mark. Prison officials would not respond to Times questions about what this means.

Epstein was allowed to make one last phone call in the hours before his death, although he lied to the unit manager who assisted him, telling him he was calling his mother, who had died many years ago.

Instead, the Times reported, he called his girlfriend, Karyna Shuliak, 30, from Belarus.

There is no log of phone calls, but according to a report by New York Daily News in 2020, a prosecutor from Southern District of New York tried to get a recording of the phone call.

Shuliak, who was said to be shocked at the news that he had taken his own life and had no idea what his intentions were after speaking to him a few hours earlier, refused.

The Times report ends with a rather interesting bit of evidence from an inmate who emailed prison psychologists about two months after Epstein’s death with the intention that, according to an inmate he had talked to the person in the cell next to Epstein on that fateful night, his death was certain to be suicide.

“Jeffrey Epstein certainly committed suicide. Any conspiracy theory to the contrary is absurd,” the prisoner told the email’s author.

He claims to have heard Epstein “tear off his paper before killing himself.”

“He wanted to kill himself and seize the opportunity when it became available,” he said. “It’s life – or death, in this case.”

On that night, Epstein was still alone roommates has been moved out and has yet to be replaced.

The guards on duty that night were said to have mostly surfed the web and were accused by prosecutors of taking a nap. Interestingly, earlier this year, two prison offers were included in one adjournment agreement because they have been accused of falsifying records to give the impression they checked on Epstein.

So like I said, you are the judge.

Is this a portrait of a man who weaves his way through a web of lies to allow himself a chance to take his own life amid a “perfect storm of crooks” that seems to have almost been Tailor-made to allow him to be left alone?

Or is this just additional proof that it’s no coincidence that he just happened to have no roommate on the night the incompetent guards didn’t check on him after he was arrested. catch suicide tracking?

If someone had the ability to arrange Epstein’s death, would it be easy for them to fabricate a casual conversation between two inmates in which one claimed to have heard the paper torn in the cell next door?

The Times may be pleased that their documents indicate that there is no bad play, but in my own humble opinion, I think the evidence is as inconclusive as ever. Newly released records reveal what really happened in Epstein’s final moments

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