New York’s Art Gallery Scene Is Back to Party

As shown in FIG COVID-19 weakened the New York grip, art events as an artist began by insisting on sticking slides on your face. Some are etched in my memory, such as the May show at Kaatsbaan, a cultural center on a former Roosevelt horse farm in Tivoli, with a barn designed by Stanford White.

It was led by Hillary Green and Jen Dragon and is mostly sculptural, including the installation of a horse and vintage by Milisent Young, a minimalist piece by Gregory Steele, and three pieces of Kenichi Hiratsuka’s carved stone, one of the largest of which regularly walks in New York – the complex piece. 100 feet and 16 feet wide on the sidewalk at 25 Bond Street Manhattan.

Several film screenings have pointed out that the art world in Manhattan has also developed a little.

On May 23, Gerard Malanga, a key partner of Andy Warhol, read a book. New melancholy and other poems, and an outdoor show at Elizabeth Street Garden, the community park between Prince and Spring 1967, In search of a miracle. Leisure time went on this trip, and hearing that the amazing garden was in danger, and Alan Midgett, famous for his presentation as a fake Warhol at a college event, died shortly afterwards, recently in Woodstock.

Among those who appeared in the crowd was Dagon James, who will publish. Gerarde Malanga Secret Cinema, and the story of Danny Fields, his wife of Eddie Sedgwick and the discoverer of Ramones, who took him to the UK, where they helped kickstart-punk rock.

And the second show? This Beth B document was about the artist performing in front of you, Lydia Lunch: The war never ends. It was hardcore, great. Later that evening, some of us got to where Blake Sandberg, a Texas-born Brooklyn painter, was performing alongside his rock band, Aliens, at the opening of a hotspot in downtown, Bowery Electric. Yes, the joints are jumping again.

Nadine Johnson’s event for ZHA Close Up, a showcase of the work of the late great architect, Zaha Hadid, now held at the MAM, Shanghai Museum of Modern Art, in an emergency space at 528 East 28th Street, the only Hadith building in New York. It was very crowded. The faces floating around were Tony Shafrazi and Conrad de Quiatkovsky, the son of Henrik artist, emergency financier, gambler and horseman, and the people of MAM, including Heiko Stober and Shay Bethel, the artistic director.

Nejma Beard kept her head in Montauk and worked on Peter Byrd’s old estate, especially helping the Pilar Ordovas gallery to organize a centralized exhibition. “It’s called Wildlife and we are talking about the friendship between Francis Bacon and Peter Byrd, a friendship that began when they met in the mid-60s, ”Ordovas told me. “It was incredibly deep. Peter sent a number of works to Bacon in 1972 and he took photos of him in his studio. Bacon allowed him to take photos of the work done, something he didn’t actually allow anyone to do. The exhibition, which is currently on display at the Ordovas Gallery in London, will be on display at the New York Gallery next spring.

New York galleries open nationwide venues; for example, the Friedman Gallery, which has just opened in Beacon, New York. Why a lighthouse? “It’s a cultural center,” Ilya Friedman said. “Of course there is Dia Beacon. But it’s a complete psychological break from the hustle and bustle of the city. There’s a feeling after Covid. This is more thoughtful. ”

The thinker may not have a word for what is going on in Hampton. A local law passed last year in Southampton stipulates that empty showcases in the village of Southampton must put artifacts on their windows to cheer people up. This law is a great idea for Death Valley on Blaker Street, by the way, in East Hampton, which deals with art all the time, seems unnecessary.

Chase Contemporary, who had a pop-up in Montague last summer, opened the weekend at 66 Newtown Lane East Hampton with an ultra-Manhattan show, Shadowman, the dark figure paintings of the late Richard Hambleton, as well as those painted on the ruined walls of the East Village. “East Hampton has a concentration of wealth and art collectors,” says Isabel Sullivan of Chase. “It was amazing.”

Chase is located next to the East Hampton location for the Scarstedt Gallery in New York, which includes a general display of Warhol, including an early self-proclaimed sculptor, and on that side of Scarstedt was another well-known name of Sotheby. Well, the auction house has been running a public gallery for private sales in Manhattan for several years, but it’s part of their main building in York. The space in East Hampton is elegantly disturbing as it is a gallery and choc-a-block with Minimalist pieces by Dan Flavin, Sol Levitt and Donald Jude.

Nearby was also Christophe van de Vege, who headed the city when it opened an East Hampton space in April 2020. Van de Vege, which is located on Madison Avenue, on the 76th and 78th, and will soon open at 521 West 23rd, in East Hampton, boasts 14 baskets, seven drawings and seven drawings. “She’s the hottest market for all the artists in the world,” Van de Vege said.

So, in fact, the East Hampton gallery area, which has active foot traffic, is likely to be a very strong buyer of potential hackers, so it seems natural that this will show sustainable growth, just as we wonder. how far the distance will remain after the pandemic.

The bigger question remains unclear, but in Hampton you can at least ask. “We have a long-term lease on that space,” says Christopher Pussy of Chase Contemporary. “It simply means something to us.” Many of our customers are here. ”

“I didn’t make a decision,” said the San Francisco Gallery, John Berggruen. “London, Palm Beach,” he said. “I don’t really know what to do.”

Christophe Van De Vege does. “I will stay. I like it here, ”he says. Promising type, no?

So to the town where Marlborough had a double opening on Wednesday, Wild at Heart on their first floor at 425 West 25th and A Day at the Beach at first. It was a live opening. The artists who showed their faces were Alice Ikock, Ron Ortner and Ivana Beysik, a Serb, a creator of heavy clay tiles, one of whom apparently screamed Munchi. Linda Obuchoska, an art photographer who came with cameraman Mark Brady when I left, told me that this was only the second opening she had done since she was infected. The two young women I spoke to separately, Courtney King, a product designer, and Jane Kay, a graphic artist, told me that this was their first daughter.

Thursday night, R! Se, an exhibition of photography by photographer Layla Love, organized by a London-based Bailey Lalonde gallery in London, opened in the private space of Vikas Khanna, a well-known fan and chef. This benefited Rise of Butterfly, the anti-trafficking movement of Laila Love, which includes the work of twenty other artists, and the time of discovery – I’m a peer. On Friday at Starship School, Anne Reid Stowe had a dinner where we looked at pictures she took on her last trip to SpaceX, Texas, the center of the Mars Project, and from there. Yes, the Manhattan art world is back and shaking.


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