New York City moves closer to allowing non-netizens to vote in elections

New York City is on track to allow non-citizens to vote in local elections.

Invoice, named “Our city, our vote, ”will allow more than 800,000 non-citizen New Yorkers to vote, according to New York Times. These are New Yorkers who have green cards or the legal right to work in the United States but cannot vote on local and city issues because they have no citizenship.

The city council is likely to pass the bill on December 9, the Times reported.

The explanation behind the bill is that nearly 1 million residents live or have lived in the city for a long time but have never had a say in the direction of the city.

“This New York City residents live here, work here, go to school here, and are raising families here, but despite paying billions of dollars in taxes every year, they don’t have a vote on the direction of the city. us,” the website explains the movement behind the bill.


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So, people who have a green card or are authorized to work in the United States and have been a resident of New York City for at least 30 days are eligible to vote in the election for municipal offices.

This law has been in effect for some time. The city council held a hearing on the bill in September.

“We need to recognize the contributions of our immigrant brothers and sisters. This is not doing immigrants by allowing them to vote.” Spectrum News Manhattan Councilman Ydanis Rodriguez reported at the hearing. “If they pay taxes, like I did when I got my green card, then they should have the right to elect their local leaders.

“It’s important for Democrats to look at New York City and see that when voting rights are being attacked, we’re expanding voter participation,” Rodriguez added, according to the Times.

Do non-netizens deserve the right to vote?

The bill also has the backing of the newly elected mayor, Democrat Eric Adams, Newsweek reported.

“We cannot be a beacon to the world and continue to attract Global The talent, energy and entrepreneurial spirit that have allowed our city to thrive for centuries if we hadn’t given immigrants a vote on how this city is run and what our priorities are. for the future,” Adams said in February.

He added that it is “our moral and democratic responsibility to recapture hard-working, tax-paying legal immigrants and give them the voice they deserve.”

The act was introduced amid national tensions arising over voting rights. In 2020, Colorado, Florida and Alabama passed voting measures that say only US citizens are allowed to vote, according to the Times.

Now, New York City is getting closer to doing the opposite.


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New York’s initiative has strong support from immigrant groups who say they are underrepresented because they reside legally and pay taxes but have no say in city policies.

“This is tax without representation, this is against the principles on which our country was founded,” said Representative Catalina Cruz, according to Spectrum News.

If the law is passed, voting forms for non-citizens will be different, according to the Times.

“The New York City Board of Elections will issue a separate voter registration form for green card holders and other noncitizens with employment rights. At the polls, those voters will fill out a ballot that has only New York City offices on it,” the Times reported.

Most expect the law to pass easily because of the broad support of the City Council and the community.

“Immigrants have always been important to the city, and in COVID They risked their lives to keep the city going,” said Murad Awawdeh, executive director of the New York Immigrant Coalition.

“This has to do with niche issues like trash cans and how the budget is spent. These are things on which our community members have strong opinions. ” New York City moves closer to allowing non-netizens to vote in elections

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