New World’s Stagger Mechanic is among the worst in the game

Despite what many players had hoped for New world when it came out two months ago, the state of the game was still far from perfect. New world It really showed its potential in the first week or two, but that’s when all the game-breaking glitches hit the MMO, as well as some design issues that left players unsatisfied. . Glitches like copying Gold and materials are still an issue, and New world players still looking to break the game after fixes and changes, now forcing multiplayer without transactional post day.

In terms of design, one of the biggest complaints is how difficult it is to stay committed to Factions over the long term, and it gets harder to fight as companies go through deals and impose higher taxes. . New world solo players are also suffering due to limited content, as well as issues with the November patch “Into the Void”, which reduced the amount of loot found in the world and in chests, and increased enemy HP. enemies and reduce the occurrence rate. However, one of the most controversial design decisions regarding New world its auto mechanic.


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New world cutlery mechanics explained

new world november patch meta change new weapon buff nerfs void gauntlet sprint speed hunt down enemy type

Stagger is a popular tool for MMOs and other fighting based games, in which enemies hit the player (or vice versa) with particularly powerful blows to trip them or let their guard down. In New world however, this mechanic is not bound by strong blows in the sense of infrequent occurrence. On the contrary, it happens too often, regardless of the character’s load and skill. Enemies may stagger New world the player is quite easy, and this is especially noticeable when many of them are against the player.

An incredible hit in New world means that the player will be interrupted no matter what they are doing unless they are using a skill or attack with the Grit buff active, even though the Grit works in a different way and does not block other attacks. Incredible hits on all skills. When staggered, the player cannot take any action – possibly self-healing Life Staff skill or Void Gauntlet attack, use any item from their hotbar, or even move or dodge. This can be frustrating because a stun is more dangerous than a stun because the latter only lasts until hit back.

A devastating hit can interrupt any player’s combat, disrupt combos, cause skills to continue on cooldown without the player actually using them, and prevent them from doing anything. nothing until their characters stand firm again. Make things worse, New world enemy can make incredible hits on players if there are many of them nearby and this is not an uncommon act. In similar situations, death is often the outcome, and even if not the end, players can still feel frustrated whenever they are stripped of their character’s autonomy.

Stagger is not a happy mechanic in New worldand it needs to be toned down for players to enjoy PvE content more, especially considering builds don’t affect player duration, frequency, or intensity. As a result, there are ways to improve how the mechanics work, and what players can do to protect themselves.

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How to improve the new world cutlery mechanism

new world player shows how the payload system can work quickly swapping armor weapons between operations

Stun attacks are not affected by the type of armor the player is using, meaning that regardless of armor weight, everyone is always staggered in the same way. New world there are three types of armor have different weights from Light to Heavy, and they affect the player’s ability to deal damage and how they can dodge, so it only makes sense if this also affects awesome hits surprised. Stun attacks may work properly with Light armor, but Medium armor users may have a short grace period where they cannot be stunned and this can be amplified with use. Heavy armor.

One of the reasons to play tank characters in New world not as exciting as in other games are incredible hits that don’t account for players using defense sets like Sword and Shield over, say, Fire Staff. Magic and ranged weapons should provide protection or at least mitigation from horrifying hits, but melee weapons should provide some form of protection since they require the player to stay close to the enemy – maybe more than one.

Terrifying attacks can easily disrupt taunt and healing skills in PvE content, making it difficult to perfect in more difficult content. The problem is that this doesn’t just happen on harder content, it’s something players can run into even when fight with enemies under 30 levels surname. The event of an enemy or two players overwhelming and stunning them isn’t something that happens all too often, and it certainly won’t work this way regardless of the level difference between players and players. enemy.

New world Now available on PC.

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