New World: What to do first

Amazon’s Open World MMORPG New world was expected by players looking for a new online game with a focus on history. Set on the fictional Aeternum Island in the Atlantic Ocean, New world allows players to explore mystical mid-seventeenth-century locations and colonize the land, joining factions and gathering resources as they go. Released in September 2021 after many delays, New world is finally available to players after a problematic closed beta earlier in the year. Despite some mixed reviews, it remains one of the most played games on Steam in 2021.


Like many other MMOs, New world can overwhelm players when first starting to try and grasp its vast world. Each game will have its own system, mechanics, and lore for gamers to get used to, and it can be difficult to understand them all to start the game off with the best possible start. Titles like New world needs to be complex and evolve over time to keep players interested and invested in the game’s world, but this can alienate new players when they feel there is no clear path into the game. play. Fortunately, there is a some tips and tricks to make sure players are getting started New world on the right foot.

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Start a new world

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If players miss the beta, this will automatically put them at a disadvantage at the start New world. From choosing the right weapons and avoiding being weighed down by excess materials to leveling up their characters as quickly as possible, new players have a lot to learn. Unlike many other MMORPGs, New world without any set layers so players should decide what weapons they prefer and then build their character around these choices. While it may seem like a good idea to try out a few different playstyles, gamers should strive to develop a playstyle early when focusing on one gameplay in the future. New world and leveling it up unlocks active abilities and passive skills to help wield a specific weapon.

Games with scary big worlds can be a bit daunting, but exploration is often rewarded to encourage players to branch out from safer centers and settlements. New world apply this same strategy and it’s a good idea for new players to get into different environments as soon as they feel comfortable. This not only unlocks the Rapid Travel Temples for easier exploration, but also offers a lot resources in new areas to help players progress New world.

Regarding resources, players should prioritize collecting and crafting right from the start New world. Not only does it make up a big part of the game, but it also has certain advantages such as weapons being available earlier and will help increase ammo levels if the player chooses to use them. New world‘s ranged weapon.

New World Key Things to Remember

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Along with tips for starting the game, there are a few things that players need to keep in mind when shaking hands on a New world adventure. Nothing lasts forever, and that includes the various weapons, equipment, and tools in the game. Players should always keep an eye on these items and make sure their durability is not affected too much. They can fix them in a variety of ways, including a Repair Kit, or using Repair Parts and a bit of gold.

Another aspect that players will need to keep an eye on is their weight. As players explore, it’s tempting to wear tallest New world armor with the best protection, or try to collect as much loot as possible. However, all of these contribute to the player’s weight, which affects movement speed and evasion during combat. To minimize these spiral weight penalties, players should use the storage solutions provided at various settlements throughout the map.

After the player can grasp New worldThe massive environment, faction system, and core mechanics are all set for an adventure in the supernatural setting of Aeternum. From ranged weapons and traditional melee options to spells and spells, gamers can engage in PvE and PvP battles throughout. New world. Whether they choose to go it alone or join one of three organizations consisting of players and non-player characters, there is a lot for them to do.

New world Now available on PC.

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What does the new world need to do to bring back expired players

New World started off with great success but quickly lost a large number of players, although they could return if the right changes were made.

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