New world should add world events and secret encounters

Given that New World is an MMO, it makes sense for Amazon to add in world events and secret encounters to keep players engaged in exploration.

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After a successful launch with over 900,000 concurrent Steam players in its first week, New world experienced a lot of glitches and other issues that brought those numbers down dramatically. Some are not satisfied with status New world after debut, be it because glitches like the copying of Gold and raw materials have disrupted its economy or because there are still too many lingering problems. Another big concern for some players is that there isn’t enough variety in terms of enemy types and quests, although the former is being tackled right now and more enemies will be coming in the future. near the.

However, there is still hope that Amazon will succeed in New world the player returns to the game with patches and more content. New world However, not a live service game, which means updates will still come in the future, but not at a rapid rate nor without major seasonal patches and approaches. This slower can make the world feel empty. Therefore, a good way to effectively fill that void that will also keep players engaged is to showcase world events with their respective world bosses, as well as secret encounters. .


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Why The New World Can Benefit From World Events and Secret Encounters

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What many MMOs have in common is that players can gather together at a few specific locations and start a world event where they fight until they encounter a boss, usually in a battle. products or items of value. This is something that many games regularly do to some extent, including titles like Scrolls online and World of Warcraft, so it will only make sense for New world to add this content type. To be fair, New world there’s the Broken Gate and Invasion which feel a bit like world events, but the scope of each is vastly different and the level of interaction required is also different.

A great way to roll out world events could be to have them start at specific times in specific locations so people know where and when to watch. One idea might be to have these battles happen in starting areas where enemy levels are typically 1 to 25, and then increase the difficulty in areas with higher level requirements. New worldthe game ends somewhat lacking, and it mostly revolves around Faction Wars or Outpost Rush for PvP and Expeditions or Dungeons for PvE. Having more content with good rewards to look forward to can improve the current state of the game.

Another supplement that will greatly benefit New world are secret encounters, like Ghost ship some players discovered while fishing. While there are log entries about it, the ship is inaccessible because of its inability to cross water in the game, and thus it remains a mystery to most people. There are many secrets and mysteries like this that will be interesting to see, especially since the player has to trigger the event on purpose by following some steps.

Mysteries can be fun to come across or read about and then do anything to trigger their encounters or rewards. This is what will bring a community together, making New world player Different game experience. Ultimately, the game needs content that doesn’t seem like much in other MMOs, but maybe the problem now is that players need something interesting to hold onto while the storm clears.

New world Now available on PC.

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