New World Preview: Outpost Rush And The Lazarus Instrumentality

Rush an outpost in New world’s… um.. Outpost Rush’s PvPvE mode feels a bit chaotic. When me and my team were fighting on an outpost in the middle of the map, suddenly a bear appeared out of nowhere, seeing the two sides in sync against unwanted enemies while still fighting each other. Finally, once the bear is defeated, our two sides continue to fight – fighting for the stronghold will give the winning team the lead in total points to reach their goal of winning the Rush.

Outpost Rush combines the control point gameplay seen in MMOs and even FPS games from the olden days with a twist. Two teams of 20 players, each fighting on three outposts on the map, for the duration of which to keep them, those players will need to gather resources such as wood, ores, and magical substances in New world, Azoth, to upgrade similar outposts to avoid attackers. It’s busy, it has potential, and most importantly: it’s fun.

However, I feel that fun may depend on the players around you during your Outpost Rush sessions. In our gaming group, as part of a preview session with journalists and New World of game developers ahead of tomorrow’s Closed Beta, we’ve had a pretty well-balanced party. Healers keep our party upright when they can, while tanks rush in and deal damage to players like me who are more attached to the DPS role. However, while we did coordinate well in the team roles, we didn’t coordinate much on the offensive and defensive aspects – you know, the core concepts in a mode are tons of fun. attack and defend outposts.

The other team that jumped out early took control of the outpost closest to their fortress while sending a portion of their overall force to capture the middle outpost. We did so towards our late end, although we lost the mid turret early, allowing the other team to start getting more and more points and take the lead. Meanwhile, I began to choose whether I would join or not become part of a team to solve the battles in the outposts or go hunting for materials to upgrade what we did to make it better. easier in pushing and holding our territory.

Outpost Rush New World

After about ten minutes of fighting in the middle outpost where our team couldn’t win a prize, I stopped to try to find the mats needed to upgrade what we already had in case we pushed back to our only outpost. Materials include wood from specialized trees or even the skins of some of the creatures you’ll find around the map, like the aforementioned aggressive bear. These materials are used to upgrade stations in your outpost, such as a command center that gives your team a boost when fighting there, or even by building cannons or weapons. large to make defending easier by shooting down attackers from your walls.

Roaming around the battlefield in search of supplies took the hectic nature of this mode and made it… well… pretty calming. Instead of worrying about getting ganked or going up against giant Warhammer-wielding enemies, I instead focused on protecting damaged ore or going around to wolf skins for my own. I found myself liking this aspect a bit more at first – I mean, I don’t die very often and I feel like I’m actually helping my team by doing so. However, I’m clearly the only one really actively trying to upgrade, and while that’s not necessarily a bad thing as we really need to win the middle outpost to have any chance No chance of winning, but that’s how I feel as a result. My efforts were wasted. In the end, it looks like I could better help my team by joining the meeting myself.

So I did – and brought in another bear to cause some havoc among our enemies. In this case, we captured the central outpost, although we held it only for a short time before it was taken from us again. A few short minutes later, the game was over, with the other team reaching a total of 1000 first (by contrast, we weren’t doing terribly, just under 900).

It’s a fun part of PvP that can sometimes feel like you’re running a lap: Shoot A, swing to B, back to A, then switch to C, etc. By seeing players don’t only fighting for outposts on its own, which are – at least in theory – map resources to make those outposts easier to defend, Outpost Rush has the potential to be a catch and keep quite fun and interesting. .

However, I wonder if the strategies players will stick to in the long run have to do with the PvE aspect of the mode as well, or are simply… well…wick outposts with the full strength of a team of 20. This way, sheer numbers can overwhelm enemies, even if they’re spending their time and players hunting for materials that, in the end, may not give enough advantage if your team is already downed. two outposts into one in the meantime.

In addition to Outpost Rush, we have a chance to watch another one of the New World of expeditions, Lazarus tool. Like our previous report on expeditions in New world, which is actually the MMO version of stable group dungeons. I really enjoyed what I played in Amrine Excavation, even though we didn’t get a chance to finish the dungeon since we were only three in a five-person dungeon.

Lazarus Instrumentality New World

Lazarus Instrumentality isn’t much better, but to be fair it’s more of a late game dungeon. We have a fairly balanced team – one of the devs in our session played the tank while the other healed, letting me and two other reviewers reinforce the team’s DPS role. When New world is class-less, instead using your weapons, armor, and stats to help determine what kind of role you’re playing. I find myself relying on DPS with the Rapier, probably the weapon I’ll be using mostly in New world I’ve found out, as well as increasing my Focus stat to help heal a bit.

We move through each monster encounter, facing each wave of what looks like undead creatures, the beautiful underground ruins all around us a show-stealer. I really like the art design of New world up until this point, and the direction inside the dungeon did not disappoint. Lazarus Instrumentality is full of ancient ruins, the pillars seem to be lit with Azoth images on either side of the path that me and my comrades passed. The old Reavers and other fallen creatures we encountered looked like they had been trapped there for centuries, guarding whatever was still sleeping in the center of the dungeon.

One of my big relationships in New world Does that fight feel a bit floating? In this case, however, every stab and swing of my sword feels solid, and fortunately it seems the cooldowns of the skills have been shortened, meaning I have You can cycle through them a bit like in a traditional MMO compared to checking in the past. It’s like a solid balance between dodging, attacking, and then activating a powerful skill to deal quick, consecutive attacks or slash through a group of enemies, dealing damage and dealing damage. Bleeding effect for multiple enemies.

Moving through the wreckage, it became clear when we ran into a boss that we were going to need some more healing, so I started toying around with the Life Staff a bit. I really want to cure in New world not based on ballistics. It feels imprecise, and sometimes I’m not sure I’m actually doing anything. Reducing AOE healing can also feel a bit inaccurate, especially if you’re not coordinated, as teamfights can force whoever you’re trying to heal out of range of AOE. There is also a targeted healing that I was never able to do when cycling through targets. The skill will light up the person you’re trying to heal and you move through targets using the mouse wheel – however I never felt it would reliably target the person I wanted or who at first my cell is pointing at. It all feels inaccurate, it’s a healer, that’s the last thing I want.

The boss we encountered for about 40 minutes during our dungeon run was also quite difficult. Boss. Cilla, is a Naga-esque creature that throws a giant javelin at us – or simply lunges at you with a weapon if you’re not careful. The boss is also very strong – even at level 60 with high level gear, I only need two hits to get through the average armor. This is like a place where for hours of practice you have juggled battle based on your skills New world will come in handy, not just a round of Outpost Rush before you make it through one of the hardest dungeons in the MMO. I felt powerful every time I dodged a thrown javelin, as well as completely useless when I couldn’t pinpoint the right moment later in the fight.

Either way, the Lazarus Instrument reinforces what I felt coming out of the Amrine Excavation: this is where New world let me shine. Amazon’s MMO finally feels like an MMO in these moments. Work together, learn the mechanics of the boss, make sure your team is well balanced and coordinated, then make sure everyone plays their part when things get tough – New world Feel like a classic MMO game in these moments.

Now whether crushing to get there will be in question. And one will be put to the test starting on the 20thorder when New World of closed beta ahead of its launch at the end of August. However, one thing is for sure: New world has potential and I’m excited to see where it goes from here. | New World Preview: Outpost Rush And The Lazarus Instrumentality


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