New World On Netflix, A Korean Reality Show Where Celebrities Vie For Cash On A Dreamy Island

South Korea and Netflix have been doing some serious magic later this year; from visits like Squid fishing game and Hell is bound to a bunch of K-Dramas and reality shows like Bustle!, we just seem to be at the beginning of an era of really great content from around the world. The latest collaboration between streamer and Korea, New world, sees a group of Korean celebrities head to a magical island to participate in a reality competition where their dreams can come true.


Opening scene: Text flashed across the screen as we heard the contestants discuss their experiences on the island: “I feel like I’ve had a long dream…”.

Gist: Six Korean celebrities – Park Narae, Jo Bo-ah, Eun Ji-won, Lee Seung-gi, Kai and Kim Hee-chul – all have dreams of their ideal home. Eco-friendly, technologically advanced, secluded, secret, dark, clean. They all revealed these fantasies to us early on, and when they reached New World – the beautiful island they would be staying on for the next 6 days – they discovered that their dreams had come true. Each contestant was placed in their dream home, leaving them in awe and awe. They enjoy a lavish feast at the Oasis Bistro, which features cuisines from around the world, but this will be their only free meal.

The team is informed by an AI device called “Holo” that each person is given a special phone for the island and it will also keep track of the money in their name, an island-specific currency called “nyang”. The interesting part? When they leave the island, whatever they have left will be converted to real-world cash. Over the next 6 days, they will compete in various games and activities in hopes of winning the highest amount of this virtual currency. This utopian island is filled with surprises and secrets that will reveal themselves throughout the competition. Alliances will be made and broken and drama will come and go, but there’s more fun to be had New world than most other reality shows these days.

What shows will it remind you of? New world can remind you a bit of other reality series like Circle, Rooftop house, Oldest brother, and even Survivor at times.

Our Take: New world is one of those eccentrics; From the very beginning, I questioned myself if this was a reality show or a reality show. in some kind of bizarre TV series. It started to feel something like Nine Perfect Strangers, with all those charmers arriving somewhere mysterious and not quite knowing what’s in store for them. From there, however, things started to go wrong. It’s a fun little show that shies away from classic reality show trends and focuses on its own sense of fun and dullness (even if it doesn’t really make sense on the whole).

Come New worldcredit, it is strangely interesting. There are no forced relationships or cheesy fights (though there’s no shortage of interesting interpersonal dramas), and most of the pilots are destination and home porn. It would probably be a little more interesting if I went into the series to see who these people are, but they are all equally compelling characters. I just wonder where New world suitable for the reality TV context; it feels aimless and goofy, and each reveal doesn’t approach quite as effectively as one might hope when it comes to competitive series of this nature. New world cute! It’s hard to invest in something that doesn’t seem to know what it’s doing (or what to do with its 6 stars).

Gender and Skin: Not available.

Farewell shot: As we get a glimpse of what lies ahead for these contestants, Kai wonders if he can get a refund for the wolf statue he just bought.

Most Pilot-y routes: The opening dub from the contestants was pretty pilot, including lines like “what happened there was like a fairy tale” and “this is what we experienced at this place. “

Our call: IGNORE IT. While the premise of New world compelling, the program itself is like a feverish dream with no purpose, never managing to raise the stakes in a way that feels remarkably productive.

Jade Budowski is a freelance writer with a knack for breaking ground-breaking stories, karaoke mics and aspirational tweets. Follow her on Twitter: @jadebudowski.

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