New World Ghost Ship Explanation

Amazon Game Studios’ New world has been one of the most anticipated and controversial releases of the year. The hype surrounding the title sent it to an all-time high of 913,027 concurrent players on Steam a few days after launch. With so many players making their way around Aeternum, it’s no surprise that some players have discovered some of the island’s secrets. New worldGhost Ship is one of those secrets.

Main hook of New world simply because it’s endlessly reusable: On the mysterious island of Aeternum, the basic laws of life and death don’t apply and the effect will extend to anyone who gets close enough. This includes players, NPCs, and human opponents, but it also affects animals, trees, and other plant life, as seen in the Angry Earth enemy type. New world the player must keep the enemy type in mind when customizing their fighting style, but now it seems Aeternum’s curse can even reach inanimate objects. Or perhaps the Ghost Ship, like many other rumored vessels, was never truly inanimate.


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A History of Ghost Ships in the New World

new world ghost ship

Ghost ship found in New world was observed by many players, most of whom were fishing at the time. It had the shape of an old-fashioned sailing ship that glowed with an eerie blue glow. The ship doesn’t seem to have anyone on board, just like real-life ghost ships. It has been spotted at night in the First Light by the Saircor Bridge, although it usually disappears as quickly as it appears. It can also frighten fish, but most players seem to see this as a trade-off for the chance to witness such a rare event.

Like many aspects of New world, The Ghost Ship seems to be based on a true myth and a real-life tragedy. There are actually two types of ghost ships: ghost ships that are sailing under an unknown force, and derelict ships that are adrift with no crew alive. One of the most famous real-life ghost ships is the Mary Celeste, discovered completely abandoned in the Atlantic Ocean on December 4, 1872. However, New worldGhost Ship seems to be based on a more supernatural ship: the Flying Dutchman, a ship in European Maritime lore that is gone forever. New world not the first video game to add ghost ship, but it is definitely one of the most mysterious.

Flying Dutchman

new world faraway ghost ship feature

According to legend, the Flying Dutchman was a ship that, for one reason or another, was cursed to never dock. Some versions say that the captain sold or gambled his soul to the devil, while others say that murder and plague took the lives of the crew and sent the ship to sea. without them. Either way, the legend has made its mark in popular culture, with the Flying Dutchman playing a major role in But the pirate of the Caribbean franchise alongside tentacle-faced captain Davy Jones. When New worldThe ghost ship is largely a mystery, with some hints in legend suggesting that the ship was meant to be another version of the Flying Dutchman.

Curious players can find three parts of lore scattered across Aeternum seems to refer to the Ghost Ship: “Seeing the Ghost Ship”, “The Legend of Vendetta”, and “Warning Story.” The first is written by someone else who has witnessed the Ghost Ship, the second explains that this version of the Flying Dutchman is believed to be a ship that long ago tried to get away from Aeternum and failed horribly. , and the third seems to suggest that the ship’s crew had become withered. There is also a decorative item “Flying Dutchman” in the game, which the player can place in his house.

New world Now available on PC.

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New world changes with November 2021 patch explained

Amazon Game Studios released the November 2021 patch for New World, which includes healthy changes to the game’s meta and overall experience.

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