New world changes with November 2021 patch explained

Some players lose faith in MMO New world after the duplicate crash increases the in-game economy. Players trying to do anything to get rich from video games is not new, but what does problem in New world so severe that miners copied everything they could, lowering the price of anything legally crafted or collected. Not only that, the economy was shut down many times because New worldTheir trading and asset transfer stations had to be disabled to prevent the problem from spreading.

Players have been vocal on platforms like Reddit and official forums for a long time, and it looks like Amazon Game Studios has been listening. After a short test on the official version PTR for New world, Amazon released the full patch in November along with major changes to most of the game’s mechanics and features, effectively reshaping the MMO into a better experience. The new update has cool buffs and nerfs for all New world weapons, as well as more quality of life improvements for players around the world.


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General Changes to New World, Enemy Type and Quest

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Among the most notable general changes, New world players will now get a 10% increase in movement speed when sprinting on the road, which should make the journey across Aeternum much faster for those who have to go to different settlements for quests. Furthermore, all players will now benefit from a 10 percent Lucky bonus and a 30 percent Lucky Collect bonus whenever they are flagged for PvP, which is a way to boost The gameplay is high-reward, high-risk, and encourages duels and factional skirmishes. Both of these changes should make the experience more enjoyable for crafters and foragers, although it’s no longer useful to run or fast travel between settlements that all New worldtransaction post of associated.

Another big change is now there will be More types of enemies in New world, which has always been one of the biggest problems of the community and why some players leave when they finish the game. The same principle applies to quests, which often feel repetitive to a certain extent, but that is changing with the November update.

Some of the main quests have now been reworked into something different, while missions in general take advantage of mechanics that make them more unique and interactive, such as players encountering waves of enemies. enemies or some items are destroyed. Finally, this patch also introduces Void Gauntlet, is a new weapon prototype.

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New world weapon change

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Speaking of weapons, one of the most interesting changes is being made to the Scepter of Life and healing in general. The Life Staff has been considered one of the best weapons in the game for a long time as it is very useful when playing solo, in PvE and PvP Wars or Outpost Rush. The healing results of New worldLife staff of is being reduced by 20 percent overall, with some likely to be more changed. However, it is partially offset by the healing bonus on Light and Medium armor, increased by 10 percent and 5 percent respectively.

One weapon that surprises when receiving a buff is the War Hammer, which has been hit hard due to its many crowd control abilities. However, this weapon is now even better, and it will fit the meta better in New world move forward. Sword and the Hatchet also receive some incentives that make them feel more comfortable in all situations without necessarily making them too strong compared to other weapons.

Ice Gloves and Fire Scepters are heavily affected, making them less of an advantage. The Ice Gauntlet has been nerfed across the board and will likely be reverted soon as the main things it gave it are gone – such as the ability to heal when Entombed or damage enemies. enemies with AoE spells. The Firefighter changes are mostly about implementation New world construct variety, as lesser-used skills like Flamethrower and Pillar of Fire are now stronger than before, while many laners suffer from nerfs.

Weapons like Bow, Rapier, and Musket have received some well-deserved buffs, which mainly affect their cooldowns and slightly increase the damage they deal. Skillful Weapons they were all neglected for a while as they weren’t on par with Magic or Power weapons at launch, but now they’re a bit more of a thing. However, the weapon with the best changes across the board is the Spear, which increases damage to already popular skills like Coupe de Grace and bleeds applied through Skewer.

Chances are there will be more variety of builds than before, and the only weapon that should probably be tweaked is the Great Ax. ONE New world The player even discovered a contradiction with the weapon weight for the Great Ax and the Bow, leading to a few jokes about Amazon being biased against the former because it’s heavier than the Bow. Either way, the changes the November patch brings New world enough to create a very different experience than before, and that bodes well for the future of MMOs.

New world Now available on PC.

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