New Witcher Season 2 Removed Scenes Revealing Vilgefortz’s Secret Past

NetflixGeeked released a new one The Witcher Season 2 has the scene deleted, revealing that Vilgefortz may have a darker past than fans thought.


Part 2 of The Witcher live-action has increased the conflict between mages, creating a political conflict of great proportions. Tissaia and Vilgefortz fight to overthrow BrotherhoodCurrent leaders of Stregobor and Artorius Vigo, while Yennefer is battered by questions of loyalty and lineage.

With the magicians of the Continent caught in a political game of chess, the conversations became more intense and more intense. A deleted scene released by NetflixGeeked shows how the wizards are at war, showing an aggressive Stregobor questioning Vilgefortz’s past and loyalty.

The Witcher: Blood Origin | Teaser Post-Credits Trailer | Netflix



The Witcher: Blood Origin | Teaser Post-Credits Trailer | Netflix






Initially, NetflixGeeked revealed some deleted scenes in “The Witcher Season 2, The Witcher: Unlocked” event. In this particular scene, we learn that the enigmatic Vilgefortz may have a darker history than we’ve seen so far.

Through a highly judgmental tone, Stregobor note that Vilgefortz has “Born of a prostitute, abandoned in the sewers, [his] magic created by chosen ignorant druids [him] upward. With this, he revealed that Vilgefortz had never attended a school like Ban Ard nor received any formal magic education.

Stregobor then questioned Vilgefortz’s leadership. He notes that Vilgefortz “clearly no respect [The Brotherhood’s] Ethical Rules.“The fact that Stregobor had such a code is controversial, but the implication is clear: Vilgefortz was a pagan, believed to be threatening other wizards.

Furthermore, after having more swashbuckling action before Yennefer, Stregobor ends with a distinctive line: “What about [Yennefer’s] her rage, her temper? Then again, you understand all of that all too well, don’t you?“He suggests that there is a more angry and chaotic side to Vilgefortz like Yennefer, one that he believes could threaten The Brotherhood.

In fact, it was a roundabout way of questioning Vilgefortz’s loyalty. With no pre-existing connection to Ban Ard – and thus, The Brotherhood – Vilgefortz owes them nothing. The footage casts doubt on Vilgefortz’s motives, hinting that we may not have seen his true intentions yet.

Though he has his questionable moments, much of the show has portrayed Vilgefortz as a pretty noble person. He fought at Sodden, and used his brilliant strategic mind to aid Tissaia’s takeover. Compared to the ruthless and cruel Stregobor, it seems the series wants viewers to stick with Vilgefortz. However, this Witcher Deleted scenes show that even the best magicians have their secrets.

See the deleted panorama below:

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