New release date prediction for The Chasm, Baizhu leaked

The Genshin effect Leakers have shared a new update regarding The Chasm regional release – Let’s take a look back at The Chasm’s history as it leaked and why it’s always been linked to the Dendro characters like Baizhu.

Version 2.0 Trailer “The Immovable God and Euthymia” | The Genshin effect



Version 2.0 Trailer “The Immutable God and Euthymia” | The Genshin effect





The Genshin effect Leak – New release date estimates for The Chasm and Baizhu leaked

According to Sukuna and Genshin Report, The Chasm should be released with a second or third part The Genshin effect update 2022. If the current schedule, six weeks between each update, remains the same until then, that means The Chasm will be added to the game on February 16 or May 30. 3 year 2022.

Why is everyone hyped by The Chasm?

The Chasm is an area deep underground, located to the west of Liyue Port. There are no official screenshots or its artwork. However, if you actually read the dialogue while playing The Genshin effectYou’ve learned quite a bit about this area. Most notably, it has a “completely different” climate than the rest of Liyue. And how it is a huge source of minerals, but it is currently under blockade after many mysterious incidents, including miners going crazy.

Another reason why people go crazy is because miHoYo always labels the in-game map for The Chasm. That made all the players curious about it. Although it is blacked out on the map and inaccessible. Overall, The Chasm seems to be Liyue’s Dragonspine: A fairly large area that’s not a Teyvat area, but still really fun to explore, with exclusive game gimmicks.

As for Baizhu, we’ve known since first appearing in Closed Beta 3 that he’s a Dendro character. As an extra note, given his incredibly cool character design and the fact that he plays such an important role in the story, Baizhu has a high chance of being a 5 star character. While Yaoyao, another Dendro character has been officially revealed, will be 4 stars.

At least since April 2021, leakers on Chinese message boards started reporting that The Chasm and Dendro are linked. We don’t know how they are actually linked. The most likely explanation is that there are puzzles based on the Dendro element in The Chasm.

Since then, English leakers like Sukuna, who are confirmed to have their own sources, have also hinted that The Chasm and the Dendro element are also linked. Meanwhile, the rumor that The Chasm has ended but miHoYo is deliberately prolonging the content has also been debunked:

Finally, many fans are speculating that Baizhu, as a pharmacist and boss of Bubu Pharmacy in Liyue Harbour, used the rare ore found in The Chasm to make his potions. If those theories come true, The Chasm will not only involve gameplay but also plot with Baizhu. This may be what miHoYo also suggested during the quest to unlock the Serenitea Pot with Yanfei:

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When Traveler and Yanfei talk to Baizhu about Smaragdus Jadeite ore, he explains how people without the Image can get sick or have serious personality changes if they are exposed to the ore for too long. These are symptoms similar to those described by miners returning from The Chasm.

Anyway, that’s all we know about the release of The Chasm and Dendro characters. If you plan to pull Baizhu, you still have a long time ahead to save Primogems, until February or March 2022. You can also rate me on Twitter. @ A_iyane07 to share your own theory with me.

Genshin Impact 2.0 will launch on July 21st and will add the Inazuma region. The game will also eventually become a cross-save between all of its platforms: PC, PS4, PS5 and mobile, with an implied future Switch version also going to be cross-saved.

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