New page about Warcraft race is attracting criticism

World of Warcraft streamlines the pages for its playable races, but with odd additions and omissions, all of which doesn’t erase troubling stereotypes.

wow human race page

World of Warcraft recently updated the playable racing pages with a simple, streamlined format. However, some details on the racing pages have been left World of Warcraft Fans are confused and angry, as some details seem flawed, weird wording, or outright racist.

Basic World of Warcraft Races now follow the same easy-to-follow format used by Allied Races from Soldiers and Battle for Azeroth. The pages share a short description of each race, home city or embassy, ​​and mounts, as well as their heritage armor and leader if they have one.


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However, some pages contain strange things that make players uncomfortable to explore. The Orcs page emphasizes that leadership has been “identified”, although Thrall is envisioned and has represented them on the board for the entire expansion. The Forsaken site had any and all mentions of The treacherous Queen Sylvanas Banshee removed from it and listed Undercity as its capital, even though it was inaccessible due to events in Battle for Azeroth–The capital of the Night Elves is also listed as Darnassus, despite the same fate. What’s worse, the Goblin’s description depicts them as destructive tyrants looking to take over the world, relying heavily on villains making them seem more like villains than bad guys. hero.

While the inconsistencies and omissions in the lore are puzzling, the continued use of racist stereotypes is what gets fans most attention. World of Warcraft recently found myself in hot water due to Similar description of the Horde in the same atlas Exploring Azeroth: Kalimdor book. As a group of outcasts and underdogs with a full spectrum of cultures similar to real-life cultures with a history of abuse, the peoples of the Horde are often depicted with racial prejudice. racial segregation. Intentionally or not, such things are not accepted today as they were twenty years ago when World of Warcraft is still in development.

The race page design is, at the very least, clean and easy to read. Old designs are long and detailed, which can be overwhelming New World of Warcraft player. However, the overhaul would have been a perfect opportunity to clarify information and remove problematic references – both of which did not happen.

Despite including cultures that are often portrayed as villains in fantasy settings, such as orcs, minotaurs, trolls, zombies, and elves, the Horde’s essence as a group of survivors is not evil. which attracts a lot of people in the first place. If World of Warcraft will fulfill my promise to do better and become a more inclusive place for all, it needs to avoid falling into the trap of stereotypes and update the forms it relies on to describe its cultures.

World of Warcraft: Shadowlands available on PC. Eternity’s End currently under development.

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The source: Wowhead

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