New Hawkeye poster brings every character together before the finale

The long-awaited finale for Hawk Eye is fast approaching, and Marvel Studios has revealed the final poster that offers a look at all the members who have been in the story so far. Of course, specific faces are immediately at the forefront, but the obvious absence is very noticeable.

Based on what audiences are currently watching, the focus of Hawk Eye put Clint Barton and Kate Bishop center stage. The two become bonded after Bishop dons the Ronin suit, which carries the weight of enemies that Clint has accumulated since wearing the outfit in 2019. Avengers: Endgame. The series shows Ronin’s burning path and the devastating blow it brings to Echo’s life, fueling her desire to see her vigilance snuffed out. However, Echo’s nefarious uncle orchestrates the chaos that Clint and Kate face backstage throughout the story. Things play out in the fourth episode of the series when Yelena Belova shows up, suggesting that someone hired a black widow assassin to execute Clint for alleged misconduct. In the penultimate episode, fireworks explode as the studio reveals that the one who orchestrated the chaos was none other than Kingpin himself.


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The poster revolves around the theme of archery, a common element in most promotional images of archery heroes. At the heart of bullseye are all the important actors who have played a key role so far. Naturally, Clint Barton and Kate Bishop hold the most prominent position as the two main characters. The second big picture goes to Echo and Yelena, hinting at the two’s broader roles in the season finale. The final episode revealed that Kate’s mother, Eleanor Bishop, hired Yelena to neutralize Clint in an apparent partnership with the evil Kingpin. Her visuals carry the heaviest of the rest, but they’ll all play a big part in this season’s exciting ending.

Hawkeye Season Finale Poster

The apparent absence from this poster is notable for Kingpin, who was acknowledged in the previous episode of the series. Vincent D’Onofrio announces his return as the iconic villain in a response tweet after the episode’s release, but questions still arise around the character’s real-life appearance. The series’ final trailer also didn’t help cure expectations, but instead fueled speculation, as a character appeared wielding a weapon similar to the one associated with the villain. face. Hopefully things will turn out to be as round as a crawl on an archery target, but Marvel Studios is known for placing bread crumbs in many places.

Spider-Man: There’s no way home delivered Introduction by Charlie Cox’s Matt Murdock, Daredevil, returns to the MCU, hinting at the possible arrival of Kingpin is highly speculated. During the promotional premiere of the box office hit, audiences caught a glimpse of familiar elements rooted in Hawk Eye, such as Rogers: The Musical Billboards appeared in the first volume of the series. Such connections can lead one down many paths, leading some to even predict that Peter Parker himself may appear in the film. Hawk Eye last season. Marvel Studios has already laid the groundwork for the possibilities, but audiences will have to wait and see what new avenues will unfold in the final episode.

The Hawk Eye The seaon finale will arrive on December 22, 2021, on Disney Plus.

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