New Halo TV series trailer arrives ahead of full reveal at The Game Awards

NS Halo Drama is on the roadand today we have two trailers for Paramount’s upcoming product. First, Paramount put out a short, showing off some very Halo-themed scenes. The second thing is that we won’t see the rest of the Halo Drama trailer until Thursday during The Game Awards. The video itself is short, providing only 5 seconds of actual content. But there are some interesting bits to check out.

NS Halo The TV series will star Master Chief, but he won’t be the only Spartan around. And that’s a good change. While Chief often makes big waves when he’s out solo, he’s even more dangerous when paired with a team of other Spartans. The show will see him along with some fellow Spartan-IIs like the Vannack-134 and Kai-125. We see two of these characters glimpsed in the video, fully armed in their Mjolnir armor.

The show has been around for a while, with a lot of background already in place for a few years. Back in 2019, Detailed Gizmodo some of the main characters. All of the Spartans starring will be people who have been through the brutal Spartan-II show, just like Chief. This will create some solid foundation for their relationship. In Gizmodo’s post, Kai-125 is described as “courageous, curious, and deadly,” while Vannak-134 “acts as Master Chief’s lieutenant.” There will be at least two other Spartans, Soren-066 and Riz-028, who aren’t featured in today’s trailer.

Suit up, Sparta

It’s a short clip, but it looks pretty good. Granted, as a Halo fans, I might be a bit biased. But the armor design of the two Spartans looks very sharp. The floundering Marines and the growing Pelican dropships also make it seem like some seriously bad things are about to happen. And since the show takes place during the war between the Humans and the Covenant, any threat it poses is likely to produce some hot plasma.

We’ll see the rest when Halo The TV series trailer will appear during The Game Awards this Thursday. Before the event, the Game Awards let you vote for one Player’s Choice Award. Halo Infinite, even though it doesn’t launch till tomorrow, is taking the lead. How does this work again? New Halo TV series trailer arrives ahead of full reveal at The Game Awards


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