New Champion and URF Game Mode Confirmed

The much-anticipated League of Legends (LoL) version 2.6 preview: Wild Rift has finally arrived, revealing a host of exciting new content for players to look forward to. The patch update will have two new champions Kayle and Morgana as well as the much-awaited Dr. Mundo rework. The Wild Rift patch 2.6 preview also revealed the arrival of one of the most iconic game modes in LoL PC, the Ultra Rapid Fire (URF) game mode for the mobile MOBA. A new set of Battle Pass rewards will also drop later in the Wild Rift Patch 2.6 update along with lots of new skins and themed events.

Wild Rift Patch 2.6 Preview: New Champion

Morgana and Kayle

Angel sisters Morgana “the Fallen” and Kayle “the Rift” are coming to the Wild Rift soon.

Morgana is a mage champion that can work well in the mid lane or as a utility support. She has one of the longest stun modes in the game making her a very dangerous enemy to fight.

On the other hand, Kayle is a gladiator champion that scales based on her level. She gains new abilities and basic attacks upon reaching specific levels. You don’t want to deal with a level 16 Kayle at the end of the match.

Dr. Mundo

Dr. Mundo is the first Game and Image Update (or VGU) to come to Wild Rift! The crazy doctor’s looks and gameplay have also been updated along with visual updates to all of his skins.

Wild Rift Patch 2.6 Preview: New Items

Shield Item

Banshee’s Veil and Edge of Night items will be added to Wild Rift. These items protect the champion from being easily killed by enemies with high damage ratio.

Support items

Two new boosters will be added named Hextech Megadrive and Ixtali Seedjar. More information on these items will be revealed at a later date.

Wild Rift Patch 2.6 Preview: Champ . Selection Changed

Since there are so many champions available in Wild Rift, the developers thought it was the perfect time to increase the bans per team in ranked matches from three to five.

Wild Rift Patch 2.6 Preview: Events

The path of justice

An event featuring two new Wild Rift champions will be coming when the patch update arrives. You can get Kayle or Morgana for free through this event.

Bingo is super fast

To celebrate the release of the URF game mode in Wild Rift, a bingo event will be released. Event details will be revealed at a later date.

Wild Rift Patch 2.6 Preview: New Wild Pass Rewards

A new set of rewards will be introduced in the upcoming Wild Pass with Heexplorer Shyvanna as the main reward. The price of each Wild Pass will remain the same.

Wild Rift Patch 2.6 Preview: New URF Game Mode

This game mode is one of the most iconic and requested game modes when it comes to Wild Rift. Champions have unlimited energy and greatly reduced cooldowns in this game mode, which can lead to hours of frenetic gameplay along with creating some epic moments for players to enjoy. enjoy.

Wild Rift Patch 2.6 Preview: New Ranked Rewards

Rating Coins

A new kind of reward system for Ranked mode will be introduced in the upcoming patch update. Players can now earn Ranked Coins that they can use to purchase various exclusive items they may have missed from previous ranked seasons. This includes being able to purchase previously ranked exclusive skins such as Glorious Tryndamere, Jinx, and Lulu.

Glory Orianna

The Wild Rift Ranked Season 4 exclusive skin reward is Orianna Glory.

Seasonal reward system

Similar to the Wild Pass, you will receive Part Points for the rated games you play and for your performance in them.

Weekend reward series

A new incentive to play on weekends has been added. Players can get progression rewards on the Seasonal Rewards Track.

Wild Rift Patch 2.6 Preview: Quality of Life (QoL) Changes

Detecting intentional loss

Rio Games has made changes and improvements to how the game detects players who are intentionally trolling or throwing games.

Update for new player experience

A few surprises for new players will await them once they install Wild Rift. New Jinx themed soundtracks will be added to the game.

Wild Rift Patch 2.6 Preview: New Look

New skins will appear in Wild Rift with two themed skins – Crystal Rose and Project skins. These skins will be released during the patch cycle.

There’s a lot of exciting new content coming in the Wild Rift Patch 2.6 update, and players have a lot to look forward to in terms of new champions, skins, events, and more. New Champion and URF Game Mode Confirmed


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