New Blood episode 8 review

The following article contains additional sections for Dexter: New BloodDexter finds himself in his most personal episode New blood when he was taken hostage by one of Kurt Caldwell’s men. Meanwhile, Kurt continues a paternity with Harrison, and Angela further investigates Dexter’s actions in relation to drug dealers in episode five.

This episode is reminiscent of William Friedkin’s underrated 2003 action thriller, The Hunted One, in which Benicio Del Toro portrays a soldier turned traitor killer being hunted by his mentor (Tommy Lee Jones) and the FBI. Like Friedkin’s movie, this episode has Dexter in a rare situation where he is the hunted instead of the hunted. There are moments when Kurt’s man chases Dexter through the snow-covered woods with a sniper rifle, and Dex tries to outmaneuver his accomplice by tracking his own movements.


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The title of this episode is “The Game Isn’t Fair”, which is fitting since Dexter is a bit underwhelming compared to Kurt’s people, who (like Kurt) have a sniper rifle in his possession as he tries to chase Dexter after escaping from captivity. While Dexter was shot in the thigh and had no weapon in his hand, he still managed to show off his survival skills by following his own footsteps and leaving a trail of blood from the gunshot wound. to confuse the enemy.

Dexter can be easily shot to death and is also not used to fighting enemies in cold environments compared to the warm and sunny Miami of the original series, but Dex has been at his best in certain moments where He improvises to take down those who try to hunt him down. With Friedkin’s The Hunted One, has elements of the movie Rambo (Specifically First Blood) because Dexter has to rely more on knives and mischievous little traps to lure opponents and trap him (because Dex says Kurt’s men can “have all day”, but he always “owns the board” night”).


Kurt Caldwell continues to be a mischievous character because, while he primarily appears to kidnap and kill unfamiliar young women, he has his eye on Harrison. Kurt proved to be a kind, caring, and friendly father to Harrison, especially when sharing memories of his son Matt and how athletic he was at school. However, Kurt shows signs of anger by pushing Harrison too hard during batting practice, or when Kurt talks irritably about his father’s murder of a young woman years ago. Kurt’s time with Harrison shows that he misses Matt dearly, and wants to bond with Harrison and treat him as if he were one of his own children.

Despite the pleasantries, Kurt’s goal is to avenge Matt’s death by luring Harrison to kill him in front of Dexter so that Dex can feel the same pain he feels over losing a child. As Kurt told Harrison, the father’s guilt affected the child physical and mental state. The problem with Kurt’s plan is that he treats Dexter and Harrison as if they were simple prey (like his female victims). However, Kurt completely underestimates Dexter’s ability to survive and overcome dangerous obstacles (something Dex has done in the past when taking down killers despite not having enough tools and weapons). mine).


While this episode is primarily about the three male characters, and Molly Park is notably absent here, Chief Bishop continues to question Dexter’s identity and past life, as well as his suspicious actions. he was involved in taking down two opioid traffickers (who caused Harrison’s drug overdose three episodes ago). Angela finds out about Dexter’s ability to drug people by sticking a needle in their necks and notices that Dexter uses the same drug as the Port Butcher, perhaps indicating that Angela is convinced that Dexter is a villain. serial killer.

There’s an amusing scene in which Angela doesn’t say a word, but has a confused expression on her face as she researches the Bay Harbor Butcher and the drug Dexter uses to inject himself. This suggests that Angela may fear her findings because she realizes that Dexter’s secret is disturbing, which will most likely affect their relationship. However, the performance of Julia Jones (from Play Hit Star Wars series Mandalorian) clever here is Angela because, while the sheriff persists like a detective in her findings about Dexter’s actions and true identity, her true intentions are hard to read. Does Angela intend to arrest Dexter for the murder or does she primarily want to find out Dexter’s identity rather than take him down?

With just two episodes to go (at least this season), the front lines have been drawn, with Kurt becoming the main enemy. Thanks to Kurt’s flawed plan, Dexter and Harrison, for the first time, finally begin to understand each other emotionally as Harrison sees Dexter as a father who truly cares about his child’s happiness and is willing to overcome any any obstacle to save him. Harrison also realized how wrong he was about Kurt and his true intentions. The biggest questions now are how much Dexter will reveal to Harrison (and possibly Angela) of his secret identity, and how will Kurt be brought down?

New episodes of Dexter: New Blood airs every Sunday on Showtime.

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